The Sevel vans are a family of vehicles produced as a joint venture by PSA Peugeot Citroën (PSA) and Fiat. The Sevel name comes from Société Européenne de Véhicules Légers SpA (European Society of Lightweight Vehicles), the name given to the first collaboration between PSA and Fiat in 1978 that created Sevel Sur.

We must distinguish between the Sevel Nord and Sevel Sud factories. The Nord factory, near Valenciennes, France, is controlled by PSA, and assembles the MPV and light commercial range, while the Sud factory, in Val di Sangro, Atessa, Italy, is under Fiat management and assembles the mid-weight commercial range. The agreements to create the factories are separate.

A framework agreement for Sevel signed in 2001 extended the cooperation between PSA and Fiat until 2017.

Range of Sevel vansEdit

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