Sentinel DG4P no. 6400 (8666) - Tar Sprayer (OD 1572) at Tinkers Park 2014 - IMG 1354
At Tinkers Park 2014
Engine Details
Current Name Un-named
Manufacturer Sentinel
Build date 1932
Serial no. 8666 (6400)
Registration no. OD 1572
Machine type Waggon
Model type/class DG4P
Weight Tons (kg) ? ton
Date into Preservation (UK)
Power nhp ? nhp
No. of Cylinders 2
Linkage Type n/a
No. of Gears ?
Ancillary equipment Tar Spraying Gear
Sale Price (approximate)
(if published)
Auctioneer -
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Sentinel no. 6400 is an steam waggon that was built in 1932 by Sentinels in Shrewsbury, England. This engine is currently owned/in the care of ?. The wagon was used for tar spraying and is fitted with a steam powered pump and tar tank.

The engine carries the brass manufactures plate for no. 6400 but is waggon no. 8666

Engine HistoryEdit

Rebuilt as a tar sprayer during its working life.

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