Crusher-screener bucket - P5140163

A hydraulic powered screener bucket mounted on a excavator

Screening bucket -Hillhead 2012 - IMG 0991

Rotary screen bucket

A Screener bucket is a specialist attachment designed to allow onsite sorting of material to remove the larger rocks and other material from excavated or demolition waste to allow its use as graded fill in tranches or to create roadways. They are an alternative to bringing in imported material and reduce the amount of material sent off site.

They are designed for small scale jobs were the volume is not enough to warrant a mobile screener on site full time and can utile an existing excavator to power it.


There are a number of types from basic 'riddle buckets' with fixed spacing bars that are just part filled and 'shaken' by the operator, Rotating mesh screens to heavy duty versions with rotating hammer rollers that will also crush some softer materials up.


There are a number of firms building versions designed to fit machine from 1.5 to Mini excavators up to 50 ton machines.

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