Schluter is a German tractor maker that was founded in 1899 by Anton Schluter. The company was run by 3 generations of Anton Schluter's, till the 1980s. The firm notably built the first German 100 hp tractor in 1964, and the first 500 hp tractor as well in 1978.


Schluter Super E 4-wd tractor at Bromyard 08 - P7060143

A Schluter Super E tractor in the UK at the Bromyard Show

The company built its first tractor in 1937. Then in the Second World War redesigned them to run on "Producer Gas" as diesel & petrol was required for the war effort. After the war the firm went back to conventional designs with one or two cylinder engines. They had built 30, 000 by the late 1950s. The company saw the trend to larger farms and more powerful tractors in the 1950s and was one of the few German companies to produce modern tractors to meet demand. A lot of the others failed or dropped tractor production in the 1950 & 60s, as foreign imports grew. By 1978 they offered a huge 500 hp model, the "Super-Trac" powered by a MAN V12 engine. They also added innovative features like a hydraulic tilting cab. By the 1980s they were exporting a lot of tractors to Yugoslavia, but the collapse of the country removed a lot of there business and they had problems in the 1980s slump and were taken over by Schleppertile Egelseer GmbH, owners of the MB Trac brand now.

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Schlüter Super 1500 TVL-4902

Schulter Super 1500 TVL

compact series
Euro series
Profi-trac series
S series
Super series
Super-trac series


In 2008, 300 Schluter tractors attended a rally in Germany, to celebrate the marque. 20,000 visitors attended over the 3 day event.[1]

A few examples exist in the UK, but they were not a big seller.

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