Scheuerle Modular trailer of GCS Johnson - IMG 2196

A scheuerle Modular trailer in the UK operated by G.C.S. Johnson. This trailer is made up of 2 x 5 axle line units and can raise any or all axles by 700 mm to adjust load height or level to cope with slopping roads for tall unstable loads or to pass under bridges or over obstacles.

G.C.S. Johnson - Scheuerle trailer demonstrating axle lift - IMG 2730

G.C.S. Johnson Scheuerle trailer demonstrating axle lift range front and rear 3 rows full extended and middle 4 fully retracted

Scheuerle are European Specialist trailer builders to the Heavy Haulage industry. In the UK the units are marketed and serviced by the Nooteboom UK operation.

Model rangeEdit

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  • SPMT units
  • Girder frame units
  • Power packs

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  • 1:50 scale models of the modular trailers are built by ?

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