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Scania-Vabis SAVm43 close-support artillery vehicle

1940s Scania-Vabis SAV m43 Close-Support Artillery Vehicle

The Scania Museum also known as the Marcus Wallenberg-hallen (Marcus Wallenberg Hall) is a vehicle museum in Södertälje, in the Swedish province of Sörmland at Scania's headquarters.


The museum is situated on Nyköpingsvägen, together with the head office of Scania AB, alongside the lake Saltskogsfjärden, which the locals call Scaniasjön.

The museum is named after the financier, the late Marcus Wallenberg, who contributed to the development of Scania in the early twentieth century. The ‘’Marcus Wallenberg-hallen’’ is Scania’s visitor centre.


Exhibits at the Scania Museum

Exhibits at the Scania Museum

A varied selection of early Vabis, Scania-Vabis and Scania vehicles can be found in the museum. Among other items, there is an example of the first mass-produced Swedish private car, from the year 1903. There are bicycles, motorcycles, military vehicles, tanks, trucks and buses. There are even railway wagons that belonged to Statens Järnvägar (Sweden’s state railway) and are a working monument to Sweden’s railways from the early 19th century until the beginning of the 20th century. The exhibits have been restored to their original condition. A little less than half of the museum's exhibits are made up of newer vehicles, which were produced in the 21st century.


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