Scammell Showtrac JFJ 367 - The Showman - of Anderton and Rowland, Antrim June 1990 - Flickr - sludgegulper

Scammell Showtrac - The Showman in Anderton & Rowland livery

The Scammell Showtrac was a type of ballast tractor built by Scammell of watford to meet the rwquirements of traveling Showman who after World War 1 had started to move from steam powered Showman's road locomotives to Internal combustion engined vehicles. A number of ex military vehicles had been used by some prior to World War II and modified by fitting dynamos to power the rides. Scammell developed the idea with a specially designed tractor.


The Showtrac was a short-wheelbase 4x2 ballast tractor, one of the few vehicles ever designed specifically for fairground use. It could be supplied with a rear body (with half-height roller shutter access doors), winch, and dynamo with the ballast block underneath.[1] Eighteen were built, to varying specifications (not all had the body fitted, for example), between December 1945 and September 1948. Seventeen have survived and been preserved. There are many look-alike Scammell tractors, but genuine Showtracs had a special "Showtrac" badge on the radiator, and a full-width cab.[1]

No Registration Name Chassis No. Original owner Built Notes
1DWN 766HIS MAJESTY6032Henry Studt & Sons, SwanseaDecember 1945

Preserved by the Late Roger Austin, Raunds, Northamptonshire, then his family.

2HAU 964 - 6109Henry Armstrong, NottinghamApril 1946Preserved by Russell Cook.
3EDL 111KING6074Arnold Brothers, Isle of WightMay 1946Sold to the Tommy Benson Fun Fair Outfit in 1953, still owned by the family.
4ACF 38 6108Cyril English, West SuffolkMay 1946Preserved by Joe Corbett.
5CU 4667UNIQUE6111John Powell, South ShieldsMay 1946The Powell family auctioned this Showtrac on Friday, 25th September, 2009, sold for £46000 to a Fairground Vehicle Enthusiast in Devon.
6HTO 221PROGRESS-LEGEND6114Hibble & Mellors, NottinghamJune 1946Operated by E.L. Morley's Super Plesure Fairs, Salford, from 1964, preserved by Neil B.Padgett from 1973 to 1982, then by Tom Nicholson up to around 1997, then bought by present owners, Neil & Freda Corner, Leyburn, County Durham.
6115J. Rowland & Sons, CornwallJune 1946Restored. Still owned by the Rowland family, St.Blazey, Nr. St. Austell. Cornwall.
8DDT 181WEST RIDING6173Frank Harniess, DoncasterJune 1946Sold to showman Harry Wigfield in 1969, eventually preserved by Roger Austin. Still owned by his family
9DDT 180MELRAY6188Tom Harniess, DoncasterJuly 1946Sold to showman Gordon Eddy in 1967. Named after his two sons, Melvin and Raymond. Scrapped in 1969 at Selby.
10GUR 148 - 6189John Flanagan, WatfordJuly 1946Went to the Alice Webb Fun Fair Outfit, then bought by Roger Austin in 1989 and restored. Still owned by his family.
11DCO 212GLADIATOR6190Anderton & Rowland, PlymouthAugust 1946Still owned by Anderton & Rowland.
12DCO 265DRAGON6209Anderton & Rowland, PlymouthAugust 1946Several owners since preservation, currently Colin DeVey of the Anderton & Rowland Fun Fair Outfit.
13KDH 141THE LEADER6210Demonstrator for Showtrac Dealer, Harrison's, from newSeptember 1946 to 1949 on Trade Plates, then sold to Pat Collins, Walsall. Went out of service in 1966, bought by showman Pepper Biddall in 1989. It was restored and is now owned by John & Alf Biddall.
14EWN 437GEORGE V6357John Studt & Sons, SwanseaJune 1947Was bought by showman E.T. Studt later on, preserved by a Doctor Williams from 1974, passed on to Micky Harris, but the current owner is Pete Sanders of Barnstaple, Devon.
15LDH 253THE MAJOR6358Clara Collins, WalsallJune 1947Worked until 1976, went to the Barry Island Amusement Park, was restored to some extent and attended the Much Marcle Rally in 1980 and the 1981 Nottingham Goose Fair. Now preserved by Russell Cook.
16JYA 962JOHN BULL6317Anderton & Rowland, PlymouthSeptember 1947The DeVey family, who manage the Anderton & Rowland Fun Fair Outfit.
17JFJ 367THE SHOWMAN6656Anderton & Rowland, PlymouthJuly 1948Anderton & Rowland only had this fairground lorry for a short while, it went back to Harrison's, the Scammell Showtrac Dealers, who sold it to the travelling fun fair outfit of Mrs. A Deakin. Neil Corner bought it in 1974 for restoration and preservation, then sold it to B. Herbert of North Humberside. Now currently owned by Malcolm Holder.
18JFJ 457CITY OF EXETER6595T. Whitelegg & Sons, PlymouthSeptember 1948Preserved by Peter Startup, but has been restored and is now preserved by fairground vehicle enthusiast, Robbie Richards of Redruth, Cornwall. He bought this Showtrac in 2005. Now Sold to a new owner


Two of the Showtracs are on display in the Dingles Fairground Heritage Centre in Devon. Others appear occasionally at some of the many steam rallies and fairs around the country.

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