Scammell Iron Horse DHT 717 and trailer at Donington 09 - IMG 6172small

A 3 ton capacity mechanical horse in GWR livery

Scammell Iron Horse rolling chassis at Donington 09 - IMG 6175small

The chassis of a Mechanical horse under restoration

Scammell Mechanical Horse 6ton - CAN 863 at Belper 2010 - IMG 9588

A 6 ton version in LNER liver at Belper Steam and Vintage Event 2010

Scammell coupling on trailer - IMG 0974

The coupling on a scammell trailer showing the rollers

The Scammell Mechanical Horse was light weight mechanical tractor designed to replace horses on local delivery services. It was designed by Oliver Danson North in 19 ? The railway companies & the post office in the UK and the military services used a large numbers for local delivery services with demountable trailers that used the inovative Scammell coupling that allowed trailer to be swapped easily. This allowed loading/unloading of one while another was been delivered / collected from the custom.

This design was replaced by the more modern styled Scammell Scarab in 19 ?


A number of examples survive in museums and in the hands of private collectors. There is an owners club for the make & this type of machine.

Known examples
  • CAN 863+ - 6 tonner in LNER livery
  • DHT 717+ - 3 tonner in GWR livery
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List of Preserved Mechanical Horse vehicles
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