The Scammell Highwayman was a popular tractor unit in the 1960s and often converted now to a ballasted tractor for showmans use.

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A fair number of these are in preservation, with a number as showmans tractors for Fair ground transport.

List of Preserved Scammell Highwayman trucks
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Reg No.
Model / body variant Serial No.
or Name
Build-Date Engine-Type/Make Owner
(if known)
Photo Were seen/Featured in In livery of / Fleet
3166 RH+ Ballast tractor Mr Plod  ? - owner ? Scammell Highwayman MrPlod - 3166 RH living van at Shugbrough 08 - P6220144 At Shugborough Hall Rally Bates Ammusements
ASW 610 Tractor Unit - 1955 unknown Dave Weedon collection Scammel with Priestman load At Vintage Excavator Trust Elliotts of York
FNC 36F+ tractor unit Marksman 19 ? Gardner Chris Bennett Scammell Highwayman - FNC 36F and trailer of Chris Bennett at Llandudno 08 - P5050106 edited At Llandudno Transport Festival 2008 Livery of Chris Bennett Heavy Haulage, with Scammell low loader
KOO 876 Scammell Highwayman - 1962  ?  ? Image needed LHB

At Southport 2009 in primer
KRS 890+ Tractor unit -  ?  ?  ? Image needed LHB

On CCMV site Jim Craig & Sons Aberdeen
MSV 844+ Showmans body Image needed LHB

on CCMV site No livery
MHW 419F+ Showmans - Ballast tractor The Moomraker 19 ? unknown Edwards's Fun Fair Scammell Highwayman - MHW 491F - The Moonraker at Kemble 09 - IMG 1328 At Kemble 2009 Edwards's travelling fun fair
MHW 491F+ Showmans - Ballast tractor Essex Girl 19 ? unknown Smiffy's Fun Fair Scammell Higwayman reg MHW 492F Essex Girl at Rushden 08 - P5010210 At Rushden 2008 Edwards's travelling fun fair
MHW 492F+ Showmans - Ballast tractor The Wicked Lady 19 ? Smiffy's Fun Fair To add 150px At Weeting 2009 Smiffy's travelling fun fair
NAM 980G+ Showmans - Ballast tractor - 19 ? unknown Edwards's Fun Fair Scammell Highwayman - NAM 980G - The Enterprise - at Kemble 09 - IMG 1330 At Kemble 2009 Edwards's travelling Fun Fair
NYM 867E Ballast tractor - 19 ?  ? The Saunders Collection Scamell Highwayman - NYM 867E - The Highwayman at Old Warden 09 - IMG 0791 At Old Warden Steam Rally -
NYM 881E Ballast tractor Serial no ? year ? Engine ? Owner ? Scammell Highwayman - NYM 881E at Belvoir 09 - IMG 8427 At Belvoir Castle & Barleylands Steam Rally 09 Livery of PSA.
WUU 766 Showman's tractor Serial no ? 19 ? Gardner Roses amusements Scammell Highwayman - Aylesbury Duck - WUU 766 at Old Warden 09 - IMG 0814 At Old Warden Steam Rally 2009 Livery of Roses Amusements
WUU 795+ Showman's tractor Her Majesty 19 ? Gardner K. Barr & Son ? Scammell Highwayman - WUU 795 - 'Her Majesty' at Llandudno 08 - P5050112 At Llandudno Transport Festival 2008 Livery of K. Barr & Son Amusements
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