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Sawyer-Massey (Sawyer and Massey Co.)
(formerly L.D. Sawyer Company)
Headquarters Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Products agriculture machinery tractor

A rare Sawyer-Massey 11-22 tractor imported from America in 2007 exhibited at the Peterborough National Tractor show in 2008

Details of the cast inscription on the radiator of a rare Sawyer Massey 11-22

The Sawyer and Massey Co. and Sawyer-Massey brand only had a short life and was a Canadian manufacturer of tractors in the early 1900's, based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The firm built Steam portables and traction engines initial. The firm was formed when the Massey family, founders of Massey-Harris, took a large stake in the L.D. Sawyer Company in 1892, but they pulled out after a few years. Massey Harris marketed some Sawyer threshing machines and steam tractors before members of the Massey family took a personnel stake in the company.

The company developed a range of gas engined tractors. The company built Tractors only from 1910-1922. The early models being prairie tractors, followed in 1917 by light tractors.[1]

List of models

Steam engines
  • 13, 17, 20 and 25 hp Agricultural traction engines
  • 20 hp portable engines
Kerosene tractors
  • Sawyer Massey 11-22 1917-22
  • Sawyer Massey 12-25
  • Sawyer Massey 18-36
  • Sawyer Massey 20-40
  • Sawyer Massey 27-50( re rated as 22-45 )
  • Sawyer Massey 25-50 - 4 cylinder 2F-2R


Serial number plate

These tractors were not originally imported into the UK so any examples are recent imports by collectors who collect them for their uniqueness.

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  • Information sheet on the tractor shown above.

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