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A Ferguson cross cut saw bench driven by the PTO via a short belt

A Twose circular saw used to slit logs or cross cut them

A restored Marshall, Sons & Co. saw bench at the Carrington Rally 2010

A Saw Bench is a machine for cutting up wood (generally) in agriculture to make posts and rails, or by the local timber building contractor to create beams and planks, or joiners shop for general joinery use. the offcuts being turned into fire wood.


The main type is the circular saw which comes in a couple of types;

  1. For ripping timber or log into planks down the length, or
  2. cross cut saw which is often used to cut logs or timber up for fire wood and cuts across the log to create short lengths, which were then split by hand axe (originally) or by a hydraulic splitter (today).

Early saws were belt driven by Steam engines or by a water wheel in a fixed saw mill. by the early 20th century Internal combustion engines were being used instead or tractors to provide the power.


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