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The company of Savage Bros from King's Lynn, England, founded cira 1850 by Fredrick Savage and ?, are best known for building Steam centre engines, a special version of a stationary steam engine for use in the 'centre' of fairground rides. Very few are still in use to as most were replaced by electric motors as electric generators on ex army lorries became popular in place of the Showmans engines fairground engines for hauling the fairground rides about.

Savage center engine

Savage Centre Engine No. 422 of 1887, in the Gallopers built by Walkers of Tewekesbury,Gloucestershire, at Cromford steam fair 2008

The company also built a small number of Traction engines.


Savage no. 421 centre engine at Thursford 09 - IMG 6767

Savage no. 421 at Thursford

A number of the engines built by Savage survive in Fairground Rides with some of these center engines providing power. Others are in steam museums just as static exhibits. Seventy One engines are listed in the Traction Engine Register 2008 list for the UK with 3 having been exported.[1] One example of a Savage Traction Engine exists. There were also 4 new build engines by Belmec International built to Savage designs in the 1970s, with two of the being Traction engines.[2]

Some of the surviving Savage engines:

Preserved machines built by exz
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Engine No. Name Build Date Type Weight Power nhp Reg No. Owner Image Other info
maker no. None Featured in
no. None
no. None
no. None
no. None
no. None
no. None
no. None
no. None
no. None
no. None
Engine no. ?
Make and no Name date built type weight power Reg no. Owner Photo Misc info
Machine types Key: SW = Steam Wagon, PE = Ploughing Engine, RR = Road Roller, SM = Showmans, TE = Traction Engine

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