Sanjiang Renault Automobile
Founded 1990
Headquarters Xiaogan, Hubei, China
Products Automobiles
Parent Renault SA (45%)
China Sanjiang Space Group (55%)

Sanjiang Renault Automobile Co., Ltd. (SRAC) was founded in 1990, and is a joint venture between Renault SA (45%) and China Sanjiang Space Group (55%) for the sale and production of automobiles and commercial vehicles within the China. The corporate headquarters is located in Xiaogan, Hubei, China.

Construction of the factory was started 1992, and two years later, with the models Renault Univers and Renault Trafic Sanjiang commenced production.

Even after receiving the Chinese production, the plant became a financial fiasco. The number of orders had been much lower than expected from the Renault group. Likewise, the ultimate production of only about ten thousand units within the ten-year activity in the People's Republic was a reason to withdraw from the Chinese market. The work was finally led by the Renault-Nissan Alliance of Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Vehicle Co., Ltd.

Reactivated in 2009, Renault-Nissan, the Chinese company and has since been re-present on the Chinese market. In February 2010, announced the resumption of car production. For this moment, a new plant will be built in the well up to 1 million vehicles to be produced per year. However, only 20,000 to 30,000 of locally produced cars, the Renault brand belong. The first model that will be built here is the Renault Master , which is mainly against the New Ford Transit is to compete. Then it should also brand cars Nissan and Dongfeng be mounted. The groundbreaking ceremony for the new plant took place in summer 2010. Production is expected to start giving the French headquarters no later than autumn 2013.


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