3 ages of ERFs at Sandbach

3 eras of ERFs trucks from Richards Transport

Sandbach Transport Festival is held annually in the town of Sandbach in Cheshire. The town was home to both Foden and ERF who manufactured commercial vehicles.

2010 showEdit

2010 show report Edit

The 2010 show was held on the 17 th and 18th of April.


A number of steamers were present


A good selection of trucks were present with a good representation of the local ERF and Foden built examples and several local haulage companies exhibiting modern trucks from their fleets


A varied selection of cars were represented with a few unusual examples

Other vehicles

A number of ex military vehicles and vehicles from the emergency services were also on show.

2010 galleryEdit

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The 2010 show was held on the 17 th and 18th of April.

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Other vehicles

2009 ShowEdit

The 2009 Show was held on the 18th & 19th of April.

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Other vehicles

2008 ShowEdit

2008 show reportEdit

The show was held over the weekend of the 19th and 20th of April 2008. The weekend was a bit wet this year, but there were plenty of vehicles to see, with Trucks, Cars, Tractors, steam miniatures, wreckers, a bus and fire engine. A selection of modern vehicles from local hauliers were also present. One unusual machine was a DeLorean sports car.

2008 steam vehiclesEdit

No full size steamers were seen at the 2008 event but a couple of miniatures were present, one of which is shown below.

2008 steam vehicles
Entry no. Reg no. Make & model Type owner photo notes
D143 - Burrell Traction engine Miniature steam engine  ? Model Burrel steam tractor Sandbach

2008 commercialsEdit

2008 Participating vehicles
Entry no. Reg no. Make & model Type owner photo notes
E464 VGY 184+ Bedford ? Horsebox / cattlewagon body Bedford VGY 184 horse box Sandbach visitor to several events
na DK56 KZL DAF XF Wrecker Hough Green Garage Ltd DAF 6x4 wrecker On standby for the road run for any breakdowns
NED 146+ Dennis ? fire engine Dennis fire engine at Sandbach
E145 ELT 538+ ERF ? Flatbed  ? ERF early model at Sandbach Immaculate with a timber framed cab
E525 PFL 183+ ERF Dropside Jack Richards & Son 3 ages of ERFs at Sandbach On the Left
E527 YMB 39 ERF ? Flatbed  ? ERF YMB 39 at Sandbach
E517 BSC 790B+ ERF ? Type ? owner ? ERF - BSC 790B cropped from P4170129
E ? A327 VMA+ ERF Curtainsider Harold Lomas & David Johnson Foden OTU 997P and ERF A327 YWA - Pochin at sandbach 08 - P4170120 ERF (at r side) Exhibition unit for 1929 Gardner 3J5 engine ex Motor yacht Cordelia.
E424 J572 PBF+ ERF E10 320 Tractor unit 'That pole in Leek' ERF - J572 PBF cropped from P4170129 Lady Sharron
E513 Reg no. ? 57 ERF flatbed Jack Richards & Son 3 ages of ERFs at Sandbach Middle wagon (part obscured)
E514 ERF 999Y+ ERF EC11 6x2 Tractor unit Jack Richards & Son ERF - ERF 999Y cropped from P4170133 one of 3 at the show
E109 LG 9446+ (Sarah Jayne) Foden ?  ?  ? Foden diesel lorry LG9446 Very early Foden diesel truck
E430 CL 3660+ Foden ? Recovery wagon owner ? Foden CL 3660 at sandbach Converted to break down vehicle with a crane
E520 SE 6855+ Foden Flatbed  ? Foden 4x2 Flatbed at Sandbach Early split screen model
ODH 255+ Foden Flatbed truck  ? Foden 8 wheeler ODH 255 8 Wheeler dropside flatbed
E533 PRP 720+ Foden ? 4x2 Tractor unit owner ? Foden - PRB 720 at Sandbach 08 - P4170126
148 RNN+ Foden 4x2 Flatbed owner ? Foden - 148 RNN at Sandbach 08 - P4170128
 ?244 OUX 500G+ Foden ? 8 wheeler flatbed Foden 8x4 OUX 500G Sandbach
E363 YMA 765J+ Foden  ? Foden YMA 765J with gardner at Sandbach Gardner engined
E46? OCB 623R+ Foden Tractor unit C.A. Bowyer & Sons Foden - OCB 623R at Sandbach 08 - P4170103
E55? OTU 977P+ Foden Tractor unit owner ? Foden OTU 997P and ERF A327 YWA - Pochin at sandbach 08 - P4170120 In livery of Pochin (near)
TDK 274S+ Foden ? 8 Wheeler Military spec  ? Foden Military spec truck 8 wheeler in ex army livery "Prince William"
E482 807 UXU+ Thames Trader 4D flatbed Thames 4D truck at Sandbach 2008 Fitted demountable 'living box' ex BT van body
AVG 199S+ IFA W50 Military vehicles owner ? IFA W50 truck - AVG 199S at Sandbach 08 - P4170129
E462 DSU 480+ Morris Commercials Military vehicles owner ? Morris Commercials RAF truck Ex RAF box van
E383 PFL 651R+ Volvo F86 Tractor unit owner ? Volvo F86 tractor unit PFL651R with trailer
Reg no. ? Make ? Type ? owner ? Image needed LHB

2008 tractorsEdit

2008 Participating vehicles
Entry no. Reg no. Make & model Type owner photo notes
F72 XYA 77 International B250 tractor International B250 at Sandbach
Reg no. ? Fordson Major Tractor owner ? Fordson Major at Sandbach 08 - P4170140

2008 carsEdit

Cars at 2008 event
Entry no. Reg no. Make & Model Type owner Photo notes
C63 BLC 118+ Austin ? Saloon car owner ? Austin - BLC 118 - cropped from P4170136
C56 83 DMC DeLorean Sports car owner ? DeLorean - 83 DMC at Sandbach 08 - P4170146 1980s 'supper' car built in Northern Ireland
C66 KJW 817D+ Wolseley Hornet Supermini owner ? Wolseley hornet (mini) - KJW 817D at Sandach 08 - P4170139 (Mini with a boot)
C119 SV 9532+ Ford Model A Saloon car owner ? Ford Model A - SV 9532 at Sandbach 08 - P4170106
C181 ELM 873+ Rolls Royce Motors Type ? owner ? Rolls Royce ? - ELM 873 at Sandbach 08 - P4170138
Reg no. ? MG TF 1500 Sports Car owner ? MG TF 1500 - at Sandbach 08 P4170132
BG 6681+ Morris 8 Saloon car owner ? Morris 8 - BG 6681 at Sandbach 08 - P4170108
C352 558 UXR+ Make ? Type ? owner ? 558 UXR at Sandbach 08 - P4170135 (can you identify this cars make ?)
Reg no. ? Make ? Type ? owner ? Image needed LHB

2008 other vehiclesEdit

DAF 6x4 wrecker

DAF recovery truck at the 2008 show on standby for the parade

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A few photos from past events

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