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Headquarters Pont-Château, France
Products Telehandlers
Parent Groupe Fayat, then Bobcat

Sambron where a manufacturer of Telehandler-type forklift. The company was founded in the early 19?0's in France. The company went into administration in the 1990's and was subsequently taken over by Groupe Fayat and then by Bobcat.[1]


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  • Company founded in France
  • Company based at Pont-Château in northwest France
  • 1957 - builds first telehandler.[2]
  • 1986 - Acquired by Fayat Group and subsequently merged with Fayat's FDI division
  • 2000 the Ingersoll-Rand parent of Bobcat purchases Sambron SA, a established manufacturer of telescopic handlers.[3]

The company may have made cider presses - (photo here ofan "A Sambron" press)

  • UK division FDI Sambron Ltd disolved in 1996 (according to web search).[4]

Model range

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  • Sambron FDI TEC 3000 -built from ?, capacity unknown ,
  • Sambron AM10 The AM10 worked on the same principle as a skid steer loader as far as the forks were concerned with arms that pivoted from the sides of the machine. If the machine caught fire and the arms were in the wrong position, it was very difficult to get off the machine quickly as happened on a Manchester site. (Manchester Council Direct Works Dept had some of these machines in the early to mid seventies) The AM10 had an Agrom Engine which I think was French, Some may also have been fitted with Deutz engines.
  • Sambron CM F20 Telehandler
  • Sambron Jac 24 - This one looked like a telescopic machine but the boom was actually fixed and not telescopic. The Jac 24 was further developed into the J24S, still with a fixed boom, then the J24T with a telescopic boom in the early 80s (1982 or thereabouts).

Sambron were French and were certainly in existence in the early seventies and were acquired by Fayat in 1986 - Fayat merged Sambron with its FDI division shortly afterwards. They also made a range of fixed mast forklifts similar to Sanderson and JCB and a number of site dumpers.[5]


Scale models

matchbox produced a model of the Sambron Jacklift - Matchbox no. 7748

Sambron Jacklift - image from the Matchbox Wiki 7748_Sambron_Jacklift_L.JPG


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