STGO stands for Special Types General Order.

STGO is the abbreviation that appears on the plate on the front of Heavy Haulage tractor units, to indicate what weight Category they are licensed for operation at. There are three "Categories"; Cat 1, Cat 2 and Cat 3

STGO Categories
Class Gross weight Axle limit Speed Notes
Cat 1 46 ton C&U regs 60 mph motorway HGV (LGV) Normal limits for road type
Cat 2 80 ton 12.5 ton 40 mph Motorway
35 mph on Dual Carriageways
30 mph on other
Cat 3 150 ton 16 ton 30 mph Motorway
25 mph on Dual carriageways
20 mph on other roads
attendant required dependant on size of load
Movement Order Required 150 ton plus 16 ton - application to Highways Agency 8 weeks in advance, with designated route proposal, Notice to Bridge owners, utilities and LAs
Oversize loads also need Movement order, Police can grant exemption for regular movements on a designated route, i.e Modular buildings or combines (Escort vehicles required)
Form Width Length Attendant needed police / Highways Agency Notice
VR1 5 m- 6.1 m <27.4m 0/A Depends on Overhangs Police
BE16 6.1m + 27.4m + Yes yes both
A). Based on Info in Classic Plant & Machinery Magazine Vol3 No. 2,
B). HMSO Construction and use regulations

This is a general guide and current regulations should be checked.

Note: Competent operators will be able to advise. If a potential haulier can not give a clear answer to questions you are probably safer to contact another haulier with the relevant expertise if you have oversize loads to move. Moving out sized loads is a job for experts, as the consequences if it goes wrong can be fatal.

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