Same Sarurno 80 - NUP 374M at Rempstone 2010 - IMG 6068

A 4-WD Same Saturno 80

SAME Societa Anonima Motori Endotermici was established by Francesco Cassani in the late 1930 in Italy. Cassani built 33 tractors from 1942-48.



Details required of Cassani era history and models required.


In 1950 Same launched a new tractor a 20 hp twin cylinder model. And from 1951 offered a range of Air-cooled models with one, two three or four cylinder modular engined models. They then went on to offer 4-wd versions on most of there range.

By 1972 SAME had built 33,392 tractors in Italy ahead of Fiats 20,144. They also aquired the Lamborghini tractor business. By 1977 production had reached 213,258 in total, and were building about 20000 annually. with a range of 18 models being produced by 1981

They supplied Hurlimann of Switzerland with parts before taking then over in 19 ?

The firm then took over Deutz-Fahr in 1995 to form SAME Deutz-Fahr.


Models built for other companiesEdit

Current ModelsEdit

  • Solaris
  • Frutteto
  • Dorardo
  • Explorer 3
  • Silver range
    • Silver 95
    • Silver 105
    • Silver 110
    • Silver 130
  • Iron Range
    • Iron 100
    • Iron 110
    • Iron 120
    • Iron 130
    • Iron 150.6
  • Diamond
  • Explorer Classic

UK ModelsEdit

SAME tractors were distinctive in the 1980s in the UK as they had an Orange and Blue colour scheme with the Tinwork and cab in the orange and the Engine, transmission and axles in a dark blue. They were also notable for there air cooled engines.

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