The S.E. Davis & Son collection was started by by Mr Davis owner of the S.E. Davis & Son Ltd, a firm of earth moving contractors and quarry operators of Astwood Bank, Redditch. The firm of S.E.Davis & Son are a company with a long history of supplying machines for hire & contract quarry operations. The family also has a growing collection of Classic preserved machines, and hold regular open days to allow people to view there construction plant (museum) collection. They are trying to get planning permission to build a new Shed to store the collection in. This must be one of the biggest collections in the UK. (In excess of 200 machines were on view at this years Vintage gathering, a lot in ex works condition awaiting restoration, but a large number are in running order. 2 sheds were crammed full of mainly crawler machines, and a similar area of machines like motor scrapers and Draglines sat outside in the yard.)

They have displayed several machines at the SED show on the construction charity "the Light House" stand over the last few years. This year (2008) displaying an Allen Trencher.

SEDavis 30RB

SE Davis 30 RB and other Face Shovels (2008)

Current Preservation Fleet Edit

Note: This is just a small selection of the collection that have been featured in the press. The Two sheds contain about 50 machine in each and the surrounding yard probably has the same again at least with some very interesting machines in the undergrowth. Some reports[1] say the family has collected about 480 machines !!

Steam Engine collectionEdit

Fowler 15143 SE Davis

Fowler Steam Engine & cable pulled Cultivator (Astwood Bank Vintage Show 2008).

Burrell no. 3068 - TE - Victory - AH 5978 at BCLM 2010 - IMG 1293

Victory at the Black Country Steam Event 2010

Caterpillar fleetEdit

Cat Dozer at SEDavis yard

Cat Dozer with CCU Blade & Fordson Tractor in 2008

Dragline / crane fleetEdit

Other MakesEdit

Tractors & TrucksEdit

  • AEC Matador - Long term project ?
  • Diamond T recover truck
  • Steam engine transport
  • At Old Warden

Modern FleetEdit

Finlay (Terex) multiway mobile screen unit - SE Davis - IMG 3747

A Finlay Screener, one of several units and crushers parked in the yard.

Tanker trailer - SE Davis fleet 2011 - IMG 9128

Bulk trailer tanker for site use. (often used for dust suppression)

The company of S.E. Davis & Son Ltd has a large modern fleet of machines employed in its quarry operations and recycling operations, as well as contract hire to other quarries and civil engineering contractors for bulk excavation works.

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