Rutland M4 2-ton van - 678 UXJ at Swindon 2011 - IMG 1604

1952 Rutland M4 - 2-ton laundry van 678 UXJ at Strawberries and Steam nr Swindon in 2011

Rutland was a brand name used Manton Motors of Croydon, Motor Traction Ltd and Waggon Rutland of New Addington. The Company was fouded by Frank Manton. Various vehicle models were badged as Rutland, Manton and MTN depending on the market. They were produced between 1947 and 1957. They build vehicle from q 1 ton van upto large 4 axle trucks using components from makers such as AEC & Perkins.

In 1954 The Rutland Clipper a 30ft coach chassis was introduced. This 41-seater coach was sold to West Kent Motors. In 1955 two more examples were built.

Most of the companies models had bird related names.

The company ceased trading in 1957 and the premises sold to Dees of Croyden a Ford dealer who retained the Manton Motors name. Manton Motors was then a Chrysler UK (Rootes) dealer for many years.[1]

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very few examples are known to survive of this low volume produced.

  • 678 UXJ+ a van bodied example is a rare example that can be out seen on the vintage show circuit. (photo above)

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