Ruston Proctor no. 33189 TE - CT 3949 at Cromford 08 - P8030276
At Cromford 2008
Engine Details
Manufacturer Ruston, Proctor and Company
Build date 1907
Serial no. 33189
Registration no. CT 3949
Machine type SH type
Weight Tons (kg) 9 ton
Power nhp 7 nhp
No. of Cylinders Single
Linkage Type Srevenson
No. of Gears 2
Current Owner / Keeper David Palmer
Private Sale {{{privatesale}}}
Notes (listed as 11 ton in Elvaston guide)
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Ruston Proctor no. 33189 is an traction engine that was built in 1907 by Ruston, Proctor and Company of Lincoln.

Engine HistoryEdit

  • 1907 sold new from the Royal Show at Lincoln, to Ward & Newton of Sleaford.[1][2]
  • 1907 > 1965 worked for many owners before being parked up at Edwards of Swindon.
  • 1965 purchased i a derelict state by Harry Palmer.
  • 1983 > 1997 restored by Harry and his Son
  • Currently owned by David Palmer and rallied in the Midlands since 1987.
  • Visits Elvaston every year


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References / sourcesEdit

  • Various show guides
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