Ruston Hornsby 3HRO no. 390130IMG 2220

Ruston Hornsby 3HRO mounted in lorry

Ruston Hornsby Oil Engine serial number 390130 is a model 3 H.R.O engine of 18 hp. The engine was built by Ruston Hornsby of Lincoln in 1956. Owned by P. Walton of Scarborough, Yorkshire.


  • November 1956 - Supplied new to Bradford University department of Mechanical Engineering.
  • January 1957 - Commissioned and First used.
  • Specified as a College engine with flywheel brake, Fuel flow meters, thermometer tapings, Rev counter and expansion / compression indicator, for use in thermodynamic efficiency training.
  • Fitted with Air starting.
  • Used till the mid 1990s.

Fitted in to a classic truck for transport as the engine weighs over 2 tons plus starter engine / compressor unit and Air accumulator and water cooling tank.


This engine has been exhibited at various events including;

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