Rumely OilPull's were a line of tractors built by the Advance-Rumely Thresher company of LaPorte, Indiana, USA. The company introduced its first tractor in 1908 after employing engineer John Secor to work on the engine design for them.[1]

Rumely Mode W 20-30 of 1929 at Stoke Goldington 09 - IMG 9755

A restored Rumely Model W of 1929 t the Stoke Goldington Steam Rally 2009

Rumley OilPull (unrestored) at Peterborough NTS 08 - PA180097

Unrestored Rumley OilPull at 2008 National Tractor Show - Peterborough event

The 1st Rumely "OilPull" tractor was tested in 1909 and the machine became known as Kerosene Annie due to its ability to burn this fuel. The tractor survives to the present day in the Wisconsin State Agricultural Museum at the Stonefield Historic Site, Cassville, WI. Tractor production began in properly in 1910 and "Kerosene Annie" became the Rumely Model B 25-45 tractor. The engine featured a special carburettor designed by John Secor and W.H. Higgings that injected water to help control the combustion process. The Model B featured a two cylinder horizontal engine design, with the characteristic cooling tower using oil (not water as other makes do). the engine being a 9.5 inch bore by 12 inch stroke.

The year 1911 saw two new "heavyweight" models appear:

  • The twin-cylinder Model E 30-60
  • the smaller single-cylinder Model F 15-30 (later re-rated as an 18-35).

Towards the end of the decade, these were joined by the smaller Models G, H and K, which were similar but scaled-down versions of the Model E and used a heavy steel girder frame design like the Model E. About 1919, Rumely added a motor plough design to it product range - known as the "All Purpose", this was somewhat less successful than the Rumely conventional tractors range.

The 1920s saw the channel frame replaced by a pressed steel chassis to reduce weight in a completely redesigned range of Rumely tractors. These "lightweight" Rumelys ranged in size from the little Model L 15-25 to the rather larger Model S 30-60. These models were updated slightly and given new model letter designations over the next few years.

In 1927, Rumely purchased the rights to the Toro Utility Tractor which could be converted from the Toro To-Ro (two-row) power cultivator to a general utility tractor from The Toro Motor Co. of Minneapolis, and sold the Toro tractor as the Rumely "Do-All" - the tractor was available as a standard four-wheeled machine or as a convertible motor cultivator (The Toro Motor Company, known today as The Toro Company, continued on to become a worldwide leader in the turf maintenance equipment and irrigation industries as well as other businesses). In 1930, Rumely followed other manufacturers in introducing a conventional tractor, the Rumely 6A, with an in-line six-cylinder engine, front-mounted radiator and bonnet. In the Advance-Rumely Co. was purchased by Allis-Chalmers, who continued to sell the Rumely 6A for several years more befor it was replaced with their own designs.

Model rangeEdit

Model power years built photo notes
Rumely Model All-purpose  ? 1919-? Image needed LHB

Rumely Model B 25-45 1910-? Image needed LHB

(Kerosene Annie)
Rumely Model E 30-60 1911-? Image needed LHB

Rumely Model F 15-30 1911-? Image needed LHB

Rumely Model G 20-40  ? Image needed LHB

Rumely Model H 16-30  ? Rumely Oil Pull model H no. 4149 at Newby 09 - IMG 2255
Rumely Model K 12-20  ? Image needed LHB

Rumely Model L 15-25 1924 - 1927 Image needed LHB

Rumely Model M 20-35 1925 - 1927 Image needed LHB

Rumely Model R 25-45 1926 - 1927 Image needed LHB

Rumely Model S 30-60 1925 - 1927 Image needed LHB

Rumely Model W 20-30 1928 - 1930 Rumely Oilpull model W 827 at Astwood bank 2011 - IMG 8652
Rumely Model X 25-40 1928 - 1930 Advance Rumely Oilpull X sn 1157 at Netley Marsh 11 - IMG 7157
Rumely Model Y 30-50 1928 - 1930 Image needed LHB

Rumely Model Z 40-60 1928 - 1930 Image needed LHB

Rumely Do-All  ? - cira 1920 Rumely Da-All at Woolpit 2011 - IMG 7375 convertible Tractor or Motor cultivator
Rumely 6A ? 1930 Image needed LHB

Six cylinder tractor.


A number of the Rumely tractors survive in the USA & Canada. The odd example has been imported into the UK and they occasional show up at Working events and other shows with tractor displays.

The following have been reported[2] present at UK shows;

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