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The Rome Plow Company was founded in 1932 by Tom Mullen and his partner, Jack Lemann.


Mr Mullen, the Caterpillar dealer for Honduras in Central America, found a need for high quality tillage implements to be used in conjunction with Caterpillar tractors. To satisfy this need Lemann and Mullen purchased the Towers and Sullivan Plow Company of Rome, Georgia. Towers and Sullivan Plow Company had been established in 1877, and already had a strong name in the implement industry. The Company was moved from Rome to Cedartown GA in 1934 where it has continually expanded its facilities and product line.

In 2010 Rome Plow Co was taken over by Danny and Brenda Dumey founders of the Double D Manufacturing Company a manufacturer of land levelling attachments, in Missouri. The two operations have been merged under the Rome Plow brand.

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The Company supplied the US Army with land clearing bulldozer blades during the Vietnam war which were fitted to caterpillar tractors and were known as Rome Plows. These were designed to cut down trees and clear the ground of vegetation.

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