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The Rollo Croftmaster is a rugged compact tractor built in Northern Scotland by Barrmor Tool works Ltd, Bonnybridge. Approximately 600 built[1]

Rollo Croftmaster - mfrs. plate 513 - IMG 4989

The manufacturers plate on Tractor 513

Rollo Croftmaster 7C

A Rollo Croftmaster at the GDSF show 2008


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Model RangeEdit

Rolo Croftmaster rear Harewood

Rear of the 'Modern' Rollo Croftmaster at Harewood House Steam Rally 2008
This one has a welded design to the main body with Mudguards and No 3-point linkage.

Rollo Croftmaster front Harewood

Front of Rollo Croftmaster showing a 'New' looking Villiers engine. Tractor No. 507

Rollo Croftmaster no.513 side - Bath IMG 4987

A Rollo Croft master with cultivator on a hydraulic lift linkage, at Bath and Southwest Tractor Show

2 versions of the Croftmaster have been seen at shows in summer 2008. Both very similar but one looked new and was of a more modern welded construction with integral mud guards to the rear wheels and no linkage, and the other looked cruder but with a rear linkage and as if it had been restored. Were other versions built ?


List of known examples;

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