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Robinson & Auden were a a steam engine manufacturer based in Wantage Oxfordshire. They only built engines for a few years, the company becoming Wantage Engineering Co. in 1900. A few examples of their Portable engines exist and only one Traction engine are known to survive in the UK.[1]

Company history

Detailed history required - Can you help with expanding the wikia ? The company was descended from the agricultural engineering firm of P. & H. P. Gibbons run by Henry & Phillip Gibbons.

In the late 1800s the Gibbons brothers decided it was time to make their own engines for their threshing machines and so enter the steam engine market. The development of the firm, therefore, lay in the manufacture of steam engines, threshing machines and associated equipment for the increased mechanization of farms that was taking place in the area. These were what the firm concentrated on for home and export sales. Besides these, the production of ploughs, harrows and other products became of minor importance.

In 1881 Henry Gibbons died, and Philip took on as new partner Arthur Robinson. Robinson was an engineer who was able to develop the designs of the firm’s steam engines, so that the firm (Gibbons & Robinson 1881-91, Robinson & Auden 1891-1900) became specialists in traction engines, portable engines and threshing machines, with most of the output then going for export.[2]

The firm was incorporated as Robinson & Auden Ltd in 1894.

In 1900 both Merss Robinson and Auden sold their shareholdings to Lord Wantage, who reconstructed the firm as the Wantage Engineering Co..[3]

Gibbons & Robinson of Wantage

Preserved engine

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