Hornsby-Ackroyd tractor of 1896 at Newby 09 - IMG 2188

Hornsby Ackroyd Patent Oil Engine Tractor from 1896

Marshall Colonial of 1908 - R. Crawford at Newark VTS 08 - IMG 3767 edited

The Impressive bulk of the 70hp Marshall Colonial tractor

The Robert Crawford collection is one of the top private collections in the UK. The collection has been built up over many years by Robert Crawford who is a well known Lincolnshire tractor dealer and Agricultural engineer. His company R.H. Crawford & Sons of Frithville nr. Boston are the UKs Main stockist of Field Marshall parts.

Items from his collection regularly appear at shows around the country, with a large number of items being exhibited at the Carrington Steam and Tractor Rally which Mr Crawford has hosted at his own farm nr Boston for several years.

The CollectionEdit

This is some of the items - if you know of others please add them to the list

Steam vehicles Edit

Make & s/n year Name type reg no. Photo
Burrell no. 4074 1927 The Lark Crane engine CF 7951 Image needed LHB

Clayton & Shuttleworth no. 48347 1919 Steam wagon FE 2931 Image needed LHB

Foden no. 13730 1930 - Steam wagon OFU 567 To add
Fowler no. 14402 1917 Jemima Showman's Tractor BW 2374
Fowler no. 14765 1920 Traction engine DO 1933
Fowler no. 14933 1917 Challenger Te / PE ? CT 6891
Fowler no. 15349 1919 Sampson Ploughing Engine
(McLaren Diesel conversion)
NM 638 Image needed LHB

Fowler no. 17107 1928 Parsons Pleasure Super Lion 10 nhp 'Stump puller' To add
Marshall 1934 Britania Portable engine - Image needed LHB

Marshall no. 45415 1906  ? Traction engine BE 7789 Image needed LHB

Marshall no. 87260 1934 Rolling On Steam roller YG 6178 Image needed LHB

Marshall no. 88314 1937 Prince of Wales Steam roller DUO 39 Image needed LHB

Robey no. 40672 1923 - Steam roller FE 5391 Image needed LHB

Robey no. 42657 1925 - steam wagon 6 ton MY 318 To add
Thornycroft no. 39 1900 Dorothy Steam wagon AD 115 Image needed LHB


Marshall Colonial of 1908 - R. Crawford at Newark VTS 08 - IMG 3767 edited

Marshall Colonial At Newark Vintage Tractor and Heritage Show 2008


Most of these tractors appeared at the Carrington Steam and Tractor Rally 2010 crawler special.

Sherman Tractor (tank) at Carrington 2010 - IMG 4470

A Converted WWII Sherman tank that was converted post war into a tractor to beat the shortage of large crawler tractors

Clayton Crawler of (R Crawford) at Carrington 2010 - IMG 4447

Clayton Crawler tractor at Carrington in 2010

Track-Marshall TM200 - Waltanna prototype at carrrington 2010 - IMG 5088

Waltanna / Track-Marshall TM200 prototype

Fowler no. 20102 - 80 hp Gyrotiller at Carrington 2010 -IMG 4439

Fowler Gyrotiller 80

Other itemsEdit

  • collection of model steam engines
  • collection of model tractors
  • Motorbikes
  • stationary engines

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