D leech 120 (2)

David Leech giving his Roadless 120 a work out at the Roadless 90 event he organised.

Roadless no. 7581 - Roadless 120 - SLJ 519S of David Leech Roadless 90 organiser - IMG 3216

Front of David Leech's Roadless 120

Roadless no. 7581 Roadless 120 - SLJ 519S working at roadless 90 - IMG 3459

view showing 6 Furrow Overum plough

Roadless no. 7581 is a Roadless 120 Owned by David Leech, Organiser of the Roadless 90 event in September 2009. The tractor is registered as SLJ 519S and is one of the latter 120's built with the more modern cab.

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For Company history, see Roadless Traction Ltd.

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This tractor has appeared at events including;

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  • photos from Roadless 90 event

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