Roadless 115 no. 6221 - MWD 245L at Malvern 10 - -IMG 8840

Standing in the outside display area at tractor World Show - Malvern 2010

Roadless no. 6221' is a Roadless 115 tractor built by the Roadless Traction Company of Middlesex. This tractor currently carries the registration number MWD 245L.

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Photo Description
Roadless 115 no. 6221 - MWD 245L at Malvern 10 - IMG 8842 Seen in 2010 at Tractor World Show - Malvern the rear view showing the 3 point linkage
Roadless 115 sn 6221 reg MWD 245L at Malvern 09 - IMG 5832 In the line up at Tractor World Show - Malvern in 2009]]
Roadless 115 sn 6221 (front) - Malvern 09 - IMG 5831 View showing the HD inverted axlw design to suit the equal size wheel layout
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