This is a list of the Owners of the tractors that participated in the Roadless 90th Anniversary Event held in Lincolnshire on the 27th September 2009 to mark the 90 years from the founding of the famous Roadless Traction Ltd. The event gathered over 90 Roadless tractors together for the first time, beating the 2008 Carrington events total.

Owners list at Roadless 90
Surname, First name
Location from (County) Tractor model Serial no. Registration number comments
Andrews, Peter Derbyshire Super Major
Bainbridge, Peter Yorkshire Ploughmaster 75
Bell, Malcolm Lancashire 115 Roadless no. 5603 XWT 881G
Bell, Kenneth Lancashire Dexta - Super Roadless no. 2710 391 TUO Horndraulic loader
Bell, Kenneth Lancashire Ploughmaster 46 Roadless no. 4783 PNV 375F
Bell, Kenneth Lancashire 105 Roadless no. 7284 MFE 849P
Bell, Kenneth Lancashire 120 Roadless no. 7592 WAG 39S
Bell, Kenneth Lancashire 700 Loader Roadless no. 4696 OKK 238F Unique example in UK
Bint, Paul Shropshire Ploughmaster 6/4 rare early Green Yellow example
Bowles, Brian Lancashire IH 634 Roadless no. 4806 RFW 777H Immaculate example with unusual Pettit disc plough
Bownes, John Cheshire Fordson N Fulltrack
Bownes, John Cheshire 95
Bownes, John Cheshire 115
Bownes, John Cheshire Ploughmaster 78S Roadless no. 7898 PWV 729Y Last tractor sold form original Roadless
Bownes, John Cheshire Ploughmaster 65 Roadless no. 4883 FMA 154F
Bownes, John Cheshire Ploughmaster 75 Roadless no. 5101 MDM 261
Brown, John County Durham 115 Roadless no. 6974 - 1 of 2
Brown, John County Durham 115 2 of 2
Brown, John County Durham Ploughmaster 75
Burton, Nigel Leicestershire 118 Roadless no.7714 ERH 796T
Chadwick, Ian Lancashire 115 Roadless no. 5201 - 1 of 3
Chadwick, Ian Lancashire 115 2 of 3
Chadwick, Ian Lancashire 115 3 of 3
Chadwick, Ian Lancashire 94T
Chapman, Sam Yorkshire Ploughmaster 6/4 Early Green / Yellow
Chapman, Sam Yorkshire Major - Super Roadless no. 3378 427 DMR Orange / Blue
Chapman, Sam Yorkshire Ploughmaster 90 NS (Listed but not present)
Chapman, Sam Yorkshire 115
Cooke Brothers collection
(Listed on entry sheet as Cooke, Malcolm)
County Down, NI 95
Cooke Brothers County Down, NI 120 The Yellow "BT" tractor
Cooke Brothers County Down, NI Ploughmaster 6/4
Crowder, John Lincolnshire Fordson E27N Major Half track NS (Listed but not present)
Desborough, Roger Suffolk Case L Full track Unique working example ?
Ducksbury, Mark Nottinghamshire Fordson Model N Full Track
Ducksbury, Paul Nottinghamshire Ploughmaster 65 NAH 619F
Dyer, Philip Berkshire Fordson E27N Major half-track (no s/n plate) NDF 730 "The Rattler"
Eyres, Richard Wiltshire 120 NS (Listed but not present)
Fenton, David Leicestershire IH B-450 (no s/n plate) 450 DJF
Fenton, Richard Leicestershire 118S Roadless no. 7890 YBD 161S One of the last built
Fenton, Richard Leicestershire Jewelltrac 1 of 2
Fenton, Richard Leicestershire Jewelltrac 2 of 2
Foy, Robert Lancashire 115
Francis, David Powys, Wales Ploughmaster 65
Gale, Raymond Lincolnshire Major
(Perkins A6.354)
Unknown (no plate) KDO 236
Gulliman, Mike Northamptonshire Dexta
Handly, Brian Lincolnshire Ploughmaster 75
Hardstaff, James Nottinghamshire Dexta - Super
Hardstaff, James Nottinghamshire Major - Power
Hardstaff, James Nottinghamshire Major - Super
Hardstaff, James Nottinghamshire Roadless J17 E1A Major Fulltrack
Harvey, Roy Staffordshire 118
Hawkes, Chris Derbyshire IH 634 No serial number plate YNN 705H
Hazelhurst, John Lincolnshire E27N Major Full track
Hoey, Micheal Dublin, Eire Major - Super
Horrocks, Bernard Lancashire Ploughmaster 6/4
Horrocks, Peter Lancashire Ploughmaster 75
Hughes, Charles Cheshireshire Ploughmaster 6/4 Green/yellow model
Hurly, Coner Cork, Eire Ploughmaster 75
Johnson, Peter Lincolnshire Case DEX Fulltrack NS (Listed but not present)
Johnson, Peter Lincolnshire Ford 9N Fulltrack NS (Listed but no Present)
Johnson, Peter Lincolnshire 118
Johnson, Peter Lincolnshire Ploughmaster 90
Johnson, Peter Lincolnshire 115
Kerrigan, David Lancashire Ploughmaster 6/4 Roadless no. 3035 DCK 148B Excellent Cream & Blue example
Langley, Richard Cheshire Ploughmaster 75
Leech, David Lincolnshire Ploughmaster 6/4 Event organiser
Leech, David Lincolnshire 120 Event organiser
Lemonius, David Isle of White Ploughmaster 75
Lindle, Roger Yorkshire 115
McCrirrick, Charlie Scottish Borders 115 Roadless no. 6001 KVX 462J Immaculate example
Mason, Richard Lincolnshire Dexta
Mason, Richard Lincolnshire Ploughmaster 65
Mason, Richard Lincolnshire Major - Super
McPennell, Anthony County Down, NI IH B-450
Morgan, Rob Shropshire Major - Super Roadless no. 865 RVJ 929 Very original tractor
Moston, Phil Cheshire Case L fulltrack NS (listed but not present)
Moston, Phil Cheshire 780 NS (listed but not present)
Moston, Phil Cheshire 980 NS (listed but not present)
Moston, Phil Cheshire Ploughmaster 80 NS (listed but not present)
Moston, Phil Cheshire IH 614 NS (listed but not present)
Norman, N Somerset 105
Osborne, Mick Lincolnshire Ploughmaster 75
Osborne, Mick Lincolnshire Fordson N Halftrack Roadless no. 1630
Palmer, A.J. Staffordshire 115
Pantry, David Lincolnshire Ploughmaster 6/4
Pantry, David Lincolnshire 95 Roadless no. 4516 NNX 216F
Pantry, David Lincolnshire 98 Roadless no. 7495 OJL 586R
Pantry, David Lincolnshire 115 EX (added to list) ?
Pantry, David Lincolnshire Roadless 109 "Forest Rover" - FUD 815C Up for sale (Oct 2009)
Pearson, John Lincolnshire Ploughmaster 75
Potts, Phil Northamptonshire 120
Rawlins, S.J. Wiltshire Jewelltrac 116
Robinson, Barry Northumberland Ploughmaster 75 (NS Listed but not present)
Shaw-Browne, Jamie Nottinghamshire 115
Sowerby, Richard Lincolnshire Ploughmaster 46
Sowerby, Richard Lincolnshire Dexta
Spence, Paul Lincolnshire 95
Spence, Paul Lincolnshire 115
Stubbs, Tony Lincolnshire Ploughmaster 6/4
Vincent, Graham Dumfries and Galloway 105 NS (listed but not present)
Wharton, Les Lancashire Major - Power
Williams, Paul Worcestershire 95
Yarwood, George Cheshire 118
Yarwood, George Cheshire 980 Roadless no. 7872 GSG 990X 1 of only 16 built
Young, Neil Scottish Borders Ploughmaster 75 Roadless no. 5270 ODV 765G (axle from 7651)
Notes NS = No show & EX = Extra to original booked entry

Table is incomplete, more to follow

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Compiled from the info board displayed at the event.