A range of "Road Building Machinery" is being preserved to go with the Steam rollers and Road rollers. At some of the shows there are gangs of authentic road repair and building crews demonstrating the old machinery and methods.

Portable Tar spreader

Early Tar Spreader built by T Coleman of Derby at the Coalbrookdale Industrial museum

Muir-Hill dumper

Early Dragline and Dumper demonstrating a quarry scene at the VET open day at Threlkeld in Cumbria

Fordson Utility Roller

War dept Utility roller based on a Fordson tractor, on the RRA stand at Belvoir Castle steam fair 2008

Roadmaking demo 1

Road building Demonstration of modern road construction

Babcock & Willcox no. 95-4014 RR - Monarch - YB 5088 road building demo at GDSF 08 - IMG 0890

Roadroller demonstration at GDSF 2008

Tar spreader barell & pump

A modern tack coat spreader barrel cart

Parker 7-5 mixer of 1950

Early TVO powered mixer by Fredrick Parkes & Co at GDSF 2008

Auto Mower roller

Small Auto roller in the road building demonstration area at GDSF 2008

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