2010 Event summary Edit

Another great show from this team with a few changes to the layout. Some worked better others not so well. Apparently it was oversubscribed with entrants, but a few more could be squeezed in inplaces or the others could be spaced out slightly, as the trucks were a bit tightly packed with the tractors also a little tight. Cars were abit thin but apparently there were a number of Sunday only entries in that class.

The lack of a program was disappointing, and a basic list of entries could be offered instead of a full programe. Hopefully this will be resolved for 2011.

2010 vehiclesEdit

full list to follow (summary list of steamers at bottom of page)
Engine line up at Riverside 2010 - IMG 7930

Line up of Engines at the 2010 show

William Hunter collection at Riverside 2010 - IMG 8203

Part of the William Hunter collection of commercial vehicles on show at the 2010 event

Trojan Van - OVB 72 of J. Wareing collection at Riverside 2010 - IMG 7621

A Rare Trojan Van with Perkins engine belonging to show organisers Peter Wareing

Wallis & Steevens no. 7851 - Roller - HO6459 - Friend Richard at Riverside 2010 - IMG 7856

Alan Atkinsons Wallis and Steevens roller Friend Richard

The 2010 event was blessed with a glorious sunny day on the Saturday. The site layout was revised from the first event, with the Cars and tractors moving to by the entrance and the stalls behind them (were the commercials were last year). Steam moved to either side of the road way behind the Fair and food court that stayed in the central location. Heavy haulage moved beyond the steam to the top of the site but adjacent to last years location. Commercials were along the roadway above the caravan park (were the steam and cars had been in year one). The Buses were absent and a local Motorcycle club was in the area opposite the Toilet block near the vehicle entrance.

Steam entrants listEdit

As no Guide was published this year we will be unable to list the owners of the various vehicles in most cases.


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