Riverside Steam and Vintage Vehicle Rally
Riverside Rally commercials line up in 09 - IMG 7474
Part of the Commercial vehicle line up
Organisers Alan Atkinson
John Johnson
Peter Wareing
William Hunter
Riverside Holiday Park
In aid of
Local Charities
Sponsors (main) Huntapac
Date held on April
Duration (days) 2
Venue Riverside Holiday Park
Location Banks, nr Southport
County Lancashire
Country England
NTET Accredited YES
Attendance numbers
(approximate no.)
Next Event Date 2011
First Event was held in (year) 2009
Last Event was held in (year)
No. of years held 2 (2010)
First Year 2009
Events Web Site Riverside Steam Rally

The Riverside Steam and Vintage Vehicle Rally was held near Southport in Lancashire at the "Riverside Holiday Park" at nr. Banks south of Preston.

The 2009 Event is the First at this venue. The organisation was in the experienced hands of local steam rally & events veterans, Alan Atkinson (as seen hauling Fred Dibnah's engine for TV appearances), Peter Wareing, John Johnson (steam engineering) & William Hunter (a supporter of HCVS events). The event is help on the Park of Harrison Leisure Ltd, Riverside Holiday park. And featured a traditional Steam fair with a wide range of other entertainment to keep all interests entertained. A large commercials section & selection of Military vehicles and Heavy haulage tractors. An unusual feature was the sale of local grown produce by HunterPac of Preston with the proceeds all going to charity (the area being home to many a fertile market garden who supply the supermarkets nation wide with produce.


  • Steam engines
  • Tractors
  • Stationary engines
  • Fun Fair, Gallopers and Big wheel and Climbing wall
  • Commercial Vehicles and buses
  • Heavy haulage
  • Military vehicles
  • Classic Cars and Caravans
  • Classic Motor bikes
  • Working areas
  • Food vans
  • Trade stands over 40 including local produce
  • Beer tent
  • Fresh produce stalls

2011 EventEdit

2011 SummaryEdit

Fred Dibnah display at Riverside 2011 - IMG 8530

Fred Dibnah display at Riverside 2011

The 2011 event featured display was of both of Fred Dibnahs engines and his Land Rover which has been restored. This is the first event the vehicles have been shown at since Freds death and the subsequent forced sale of Freds restored Aveling & Porter tractor by Cheffins Auctioneers sale to Michael Oliver from Cheshire.

The Weekend was again blessed with brilliant sunshine & a good turnout of vehicles. Exhibit numbers were a little down on last year & a lot were the same, but a few new gems were to be seen in the Steam, Heavy haulage and car sections.

The Howard Brothers Steam Fair with Renown was again providing the fairground rides.

The catering section had been expanded for 2011 giving more choice and seating in the Tea tent area.

2011 ExhibitsEdit

Riverside Steam and Vintage Vehicle Rally/2011

2010 EventEdit

2010 Event summary Edit

Another great show from this team with a few changes to the layout. Some worked better others not so well. Apparently it was oversubscribed with entrants, but a few more could be squeezed in inplaces or the others could be spaced out slightly, as the trucks were a bit tightly packed with the tractors also a little tight. Cars were abit thin but apparently there were a number of Sunday only entries in that class.

The lack of a program was disappointing, and a basic list of entries could be offered instead of a full programe. Hopefully this will be resolved for 2011.

2010 vehiclesEdit

full list to follow (summary list of steamers at bottom of page)
Engine line up at Riverside 2010 - IMG 7930

Line up of Engines at the 2010 show

William Hunter collection at Riverside 2010 - IMG 8203

Part of the William Hunter collection of commercial vehicles on show at the 2010 event

Trojan Van - OVB 72 of J. Wareing collection at Riverside 2010 - IMG 7621

A Rare Trojan Van with Perkins engine belonging to show organisers Peter Wareing

Wallis & Steevens no. 7851 - Roller - HO6459 - Friend Richard at Riverside 2010 - IMG 7856

Alan Atkinsons Wallis and Steevens roller Friend Richard

The 2010 event was blessed with a glorious sunny day on the Saturday. The site layout was revised from the first event, with the Cars and tractors moving to by the entrance and the stalls behind them (were the commercials were last year). Steam moved to either side of the road way behind the Fair and food court that stayed in the central location. Heavy haulage moved beyond the steam to the top of the site but adjacent to last years location. Commercials were along the roadway above the caravan park (were the steam and cars had been in year one). The Buses were absent and a local Motorcycle club was in the area opposite the Toilet block near the vehicle entrance.

Steam entrants listEdit

As no Guide was published this year we will be unable to list the owners of the various vehicles in most cases.


to follow


to follow


to follow

2009 EventEdit

For some reason the Events guide did not list the steam exhibits ?, so this list may be incomplete.

2009 SteamersEdit

Steam exhibits featured
Make & Serial no. Type Name Year Reg no. Owner Photo notes
Atkinson 1/2 size Steam wagon Winston  ? - Alan Atkinson collection Atkinson Wagon - Winston at Southport 09 - IMG 7557 1/2 size recreation of lost Atkinson steam wagon
Aveling & Porter no. 4505 Steam roller Fusilier 1900 AO 8101  ? Aveling & Porter no. 4505 RR - Fusilier - AO 8101 at Southport 09 - IMG 7501
Aveling & Porter no. 6021 Steam tractor Dougal 1906 D 2608 owner ?, Aveling & Porter no. 6021 ST - Dougal - D 2608 at Southport 09 - IMG 7579
Aveling & Porter no. 9081 Steam tractor Joanne 1919 KN 5785 J.E. Heselwood, Bury Lancashire. Aveling & Porter no. 9081 ST - Joanne - KN 5785 at Southport 09 - IMG 7573
Aveling & Porter no. 10753 Steam roller Earl E Ryzer 1924 NU 3041 owner ? Aveling & Poerter no. 10753 RR - Earl E Ryzer - NU 3041 at Southport 09 - IMG 7515
Aveling & Porter no. 11788 Steam roller - 1927 CJ 9720 owner ? Aveling & Porter no. 11788 RR - CJ 9720 at Southport 09 - IMG 7511
Burrell no. 3307 Traction engine Magnus 1911 AH 7457 J. Waterworth Burrel traction engine sn 3307 reg AH 7457 at Riverside Southport 09 - IMG 7518
Burrell no. 3535 Steam roller Old Ernie 1913 TB 2710 A.R. Porter, Altringham Cheshire Burrell Roller sn 3535 Old Ernie reg TB 2710 at Southport 09 - IMG 7505
Burrell no. 3862 Steam Tractor Little Dorothy 1921 MA 8472 John Johnson collection Burrell no. 3862 Tractor - Little Dorothy - MA 8472 at Southport 09 - IMG 7571
Clayton & Shuttleworth no. 46059 Traction engine Lucy Ashton 1913 CE 7943 owner ? Clayton & Shuttleworth no. 46059 TE - Lucy Ashton - CE 7943 at Southport 09 - IMG 7602
Foden no. 2104 Showman's Engine Prospector 1910 WR 6985 M. Wilkinson, Blackpool Foden no. 2104 SM - Prospector - WR 6985 at Southport 09 - IMG 7545 Only working Foden Showmans Loco left
Foster no. 12539 Traction engine Winnie 1910 MA5730  ?, Warrington Foster TE sn 12539 Winnie reg MA 5730 at Southport 09 - IMG 7528
Fowler no. 14948 Showman's Engine Prince of Wales 1917 EB 4999 W. Woodward, Cheshire Fowler showmans sn 14948 Prince of Wales reg EB 4999 at Southport 09 -
Fowler no. 15364 Ploughing Engine Windsor 1919 NO 1236  ? Fowler no. 15364 PLG - Windsor - NO 1236 at Southport 09 - IMG 7500 A pair with Sandringham
Fowler no. 15653 Showman's Engine Renown 1920 CU 978 Howard Brothers collection Renown (15653) transport box IMG 7624 Renowns transport box (We missed getting a photo of the engine somehow)
Fowler no. 21647 Traction engine Kinsale 1936 ZB 1135  ? Fowler no. 21647 TE - Kinsale - ZB 1135 at Southport 09 - IMG 7520
Marshall no. 17134 Traction engine Mary Margaret 1889 PY 298 owner ?, Ferryhill Co. Durham Marshall no. 17134 TE - Mary Margaret - PY 298 at Southport 09 - IMG 7594
Marshall no. 23885 Traction engine - 1893 TB 2843 owner ?, Lancashire Maeshall no. 23885 TE - TB 2843 at Southport 09 - IMG 7585
Sentinel no. 9003 Steam wagon Pendle Lady 1934 VE 9963 Peter Wareing collection, Lancashire Sentinel wagon sn 9003 Pendle lady reg VE 9963 at Southport 09 - IMG 7535 Livery of J. Wareing & Son
Tasker no. 1296 Steam Tractor The Horses Friend 1902 BY 160 J. Moore, Lancashire Tasker Little Giant sn 1296 The Horses Friend reg BY 160 at Southport 09 - IMG 7564 Originally bought to assist hauling heavy horse drawn loads up a hill in London.
Wallis & Steevens no. 7851 Steam roller Friend Richard 1925 HO 6459 Alan Atkinson collection Wallis and Steevens roller sn 7551 Friend Richard reg HO 6459 at Southport 09 - IMG 7553

Commercials line up Edit

A large number of commercial vehicles were present mainly in 2 rows with a decent width central walkway. A few were a bit tightly parked together but in general were spaced out better than a lot of events.

The heavy haulage units were in a separate area.

Note: Few entries displayed the entry numbers clearly or any details about the vehicles past history or restoration.

Commercial vehicles
Entry no. Manufacturer Model Reg no. year type Owner Photo Notes
W1 Bedford Dormobile Reg no. ? 1968 Motorhome J. Adams Image needed LHB 150px]] not seen
W2 Albion Albion Chieftain VKF 124+ 1956 flatbed D. Ashcroft Albion Chieftain - VKF 124 at Riverside 09 - IMG 7354
W3 Atkinson model ? Reg no. ? 1969 type ? M. Atkinson Image needed LHB


Not seen
W4 Albion model ? Reg no. ? 1965 type ? H. Atkinson Image needed LHB


Not seen
W5 Seddon model ? UOG 594H+ 1970 Artic Tipper G. Bailey Seddon Diesel artic and tipper trailer - UOG 594H at Riverside 09 - IMG 7381
W6 AEC AEC Mercury CVJ 230L+ 1973 Tipper truck P. Bannister To add 150px
W7 Ford Ford Model T Reg no. ? 1924 Car M. Beetham Image needed LHB


Not seen
W8 Wrigley Truck Auto Truck Reg no. ? 1950 Works truck S. Bleackley Image needed LHB


Not seen
W9 Austin Austin K9 Reg no. ? 1953 Military vehicles Radio truck A. Booth Image needed LHB


Not seen
W10 Ford Dormobile Reg no. ? 1970 Motorhome W. Booth Image needed LHB


Not seen
W11 AEC AEC Mercury RGC 239+ 1955 type ? G. Brandon AEC Mercury - RGC 239 at Riverside 09 - IMG 7385
W12 AEC AEC Mercury Reg no. ? 1969 ? type ? A. Brierley collection Image needed LHB


Not seen
W13 AEC AEC Mandator Reg no. ? 1958 type ? A. Brierley collection Image needed LHB


Not seen
W14 Atkinson model ? PTC 440K+ 1972 tractor unit A. Brierley collection Atkinson - PTC 440K at Riverside 09 - IMG 7372
W15 Morris Commercials Morris 8 cwt van Reg no. ? 1972 Van British Commercial Vehicle Museum Image needed LHB


Not seen
W16 Ford Ford D series OEC 777L+ 1972 Caravan transporter R. Colley to add 150px
W17 Foden Foden S36 OTO 626F+ 1968 Flatbed D. Cooper Foden S36 - OTO 626F at Riverside 09 - IMG 7389 fitted with Box body for acomodation
W18 Leyland Leyland Landmaster C865 SRB+ 1984 Fitted with ex MOD Dropside body with Tilt cover B. Cowcill to add 150px Special basic export model built for Africa
W19 Ford Ford D series Reg no. ? 1969 type ? J. Davidson Image needed LHB


Not seen
W20 Scania Scania 111 LB MEA 822V+ 1979 Tractor unit S. Dent Scania 111 - MEA 822V at Riverside 09 - IMG 7297
W21 ERF model ? KD 1+
(show plate) ?
1974 Tractor unit and Stepframe trailer K. Dickens restorations to add 150px has another vehicle on trailer (see below)
See W20 Ford Thames Trader no plate year ? Removal van body K. Dickens restorations to add 150px On trailer behind ERF - KD 1
W22 Bedford model ? Reg no. ? 1943 type ? D. Foreshaw collection Image needed LHB


Not seen
W23 Dennis model ? Reg no. ? 1933 type ? D. Forshaw collection Image needed LHB


Not seen
W24 AEC AEC Mammoth Major KGH 204+ 1948 8-wheeler flatbed Miles Fox collection AEC Mammouth Major 8-wheeler - KGH 204 at Riverside 09 - IMG 7408
W25 ERF model ? XWE 743G+ 1968 Tipper truck Miles Fox collection ERF 4x2 tipper - XWE 743G at Riverside 09 - IMG 7406 Insulated body tipper ?
W26 Bedford Bedford TK FCW 668S+ 1977 Beavertail J. Gerrard Bedford TK beavertail - FCW 668S at Riverside 09 - IMG 7400 Vehicle transporter
W27 Bedford Bedford O JMB 339+ 1947 Cattle wagon W. Gibbson collection to add 150px
W28 Bedford Bedford O RSU 858+ 1950 Cattle wagon W. Gibbson collection to add 150px
W29 Leyland Leyland Hippo Reg no. ? 1945 type ? J. Groves Image needed LHB


Not seen
W30 Bedford Bedford Bristolian Reg no. ? 1974 type ? D. Gudgeon Image needed LHB


Not seen
W31 Ford Ford Model AA WM 5717+ 1930 Flatbed B. Halton Ford Model AA - WM 5717 at Riverside 09 - IMG 7388 Fitted with coachbuilt cab and body
W32 Bedford Bedford O LWB GSK 549+ 1952 Dropside H.P. Hampson Bedford O LWB - GSK 549 at Riverside 09 - IMG 7402 A long wheelbase chassis
W33 ERF model ? YMB 39 1956 Dropside M. Hadley ERF - (Gardener) - YMB 39 at Riverside 09 - IMG 7398 Livery of Gardener
W34 Fordson Thames/ Firefly RGX 613+ 1955 Fire engine R. Hitchen Ford Thames - Firefly - RGX 613 at Riverside 09 - IMG 7375 compact town / works fire engine
W35 Guy Motors Guy Big J 888 GUY 1971 Furniture Van J. Horner to add 150px
W36 Austin Austin A35 Van Reg no. ? 1962 van M. Hunt Image needed LHB
Not seen
W37 Ford Thames Trader OO 1143+ 1961 tipper S. King, Saddleworth Ford Thames Trader - OO 1143 at Riverside 09 - IMG 7378
W38 Morris Commercials model ? Reg no. ? 1928 type ? R. Lancaster Image needed LHB


Not seen
W39 ERF model ? GMB 5376+ 1968 type ? R. Limbert to add 150px
W40 Bedford Bedford O CUH 530+ 1946 Tipper body D. Lowther Bedford O - Tipper - CUH 30 at Riverside 09 - IMG 7399
W41 Foden Foden S20 6228 E+ 1958 Flatbed (with removable living box) G. Morris Foden S20 - 6228 E at Riverside 09 - IMG 7423 restored with help from friends
W42 Atkinson Atkinson Knight WVO 961H+ 1970 type ? P. Morris to add 150px
W43 ERF model ? BSC 790B+ 1964 type ? R.J. Rich ERF - BSC 790B at Riverside 09 - IMG 7391
W44 Atkinson Atkinson Borderer Reg no. ? 1975 type ? S. Richardson Image needed LHB


Not seen
W45 Ford Ford Thames Reg no. ? 1956 Pick-up truck G.R. Rimmer Image needed LHB


Not seen
W46 Bedford Green Goddess RXP 557+ 1954 Fire engine G. Rimmer Bedford Green Goddess - RXP 557 at Riverside 09 - IMG 7369 Ex Northern Ireland ?
W47 Ford model ? Reg no. ? 1973 type ? D. Roper {{noimage}] 150px not seen
W48 Foden model ? Reg no. ? 1964 type ? D. Sample Image needed LHB


Not seen
W49 AEC AEC Mercury Reg no. ? 1951 type ? F. Sanders Image needed LHB
Not seen
W50 Leyland model ? Reg no. ? 1945 type ? G.H. Sanders Image needed LHB
Not seen
W51 Austin Austin C Van SV 9140+ 1924 Light deliver van K. Simkiss Austin C type van SV 9140 at Riverside 09 - IMG 7789 In the cars section
W52 BMC BMC LD Reg no. ? 1969 Van L. Smith Image needed LHB


Not seen
W53 Leyland Leyland Comet TBB 938+ 1953 Mine rescue unit J. Snape Leyland Comet Bus - TBB 938 at Riverside 09 - IMG 7468 Ex Ashington Mines Rescue unit in Northumberland
W54 Ford Ford Thames NGY 655+ 1955 Breakdown truck T. Snape collection Ford Thames - breakdown - NGY 655 at Riverside 09 - IMG 7418
W55 Leyland Leyland Hippo Reg no. ? 1945 type ? T. Snape collection To add 150px
W56 Leyland model ? Reg no. ? year ? Military vehicle (Fuel tanker) T. Snape collection to add 150px RAF refueling tanker
W57 Austin model ? Reg no. ? 1962 type ? M. Turner collection Image needed LHB


Not seen
W58 Bedford Bedford O Reg no. ? 1952 type ? M. Turner collection Image needed LHB


Not seen
W59 Leyland model ? Reg no. ? 1959 type ? M. Wainwright Image needed LHB


Not seen
W60 Bedford model ? Reg no. ? 1953 type ? J. Ward Image needed LHB


Not seen
W61 Bedford Bedford 2 ton BV 4912+ 1935 Flatbed Peter Wareing collection Bedford 2 ton - BV 4912 at Riverside 09 - IMG 7415
W62 ERF ERF C15 CYC 387+ year ? 3 way Tipper Peter Wareing collection ERF 3 ton tipper 1937 - CYC 387 at Riverside 09 - IMG 7470
W63 Verbeek 61 Key Organ - 1934 Fairground organ Peter Wareing collection Image needed LHB


Not seen
W64 Ford Thames Trader FTF 487B+ 1964 Flatbed Peter Wareing collection Ford Thames Trader flatbed - FTF 487B at Riverside 09 - IMG 7414
W65 Morris model ? GJF 910D+ 1966 van K. Wilson to add 150px
W66 Leyland Leyland Beaver Reg no. ? 1969 type ? William Hunter collection to add 150px
W67 Bedford Bedford OSS JXC 6+ 1950 Tractor unit William Hunter collection Bedford OSS (scammell) tractor unit - JXC 6 at Riverside 09 - IMG 7456 Fitted with Scammell coupling system
W68 Albion Motors Albion Chieftain WTD 873+ 1955 type ? William Hunter collection Albion Cheiftain - WTD 873 at Riverside 09 - IMG 7466
W69 Austin Austin K2 Reg no. ? 1943 type ? William Hunter collection to add 150px
W70 Austin Austin K2 FWM 752+ 1945 Dropside William Hunter collection Austin K2 - FWM 752 produce transport body at riverside 09 - IMG 7420 Fitted with slated rail extension side for loose produce transport
W71 Bedford Bedford O OTB 315+ 1954 type ? William Hunter collection Bedford O flatbed - OTB 315 at RiversideIMG 7433
W72 Seddon model ? Reg no. ? 1954 Flatbed William Hunter collection Seddon TTF 661 at Riverside 09 - IMG 7466
W73 Leyland Leyland Cub CKP 137+ 1936 Flatbed William Hunter collection Leyland Cub - CKP 137 at Riverside 09 - IMG 7446
W74 Leyland Leyland Super Comet HJP 18H+ 1969 Flatbed William Hunter collection Leyland Super Comet - HJP 18H at Riverside 09 - IMG 7466
W75 Leyland Leyland Octopus GJM 768+ 1960 Flatbed William Hunter collection Leyland Octopus - GJM 768 at Riverside 09 - IMG 7447
W76 Atkinson Atkinson ? VTC 951+ 1955 8-wheeler flatbed William Hunter collection Atkinson ? - VTC 951 at Riverside 09 - IMG 7432 In the livery of Hague Transport
W77 TBC model ? Reg no. ? year ? type ? William Hunter collection to add 150px entry not finalised in guide
W78 Ford Ford Thames Reg no. ? 1956 type ? B. Nicholson Image needed LHB
W79 Ford model ? Reg no. ? 1920 type ? A&C Rogerson Image needed LHB


Not seen
W80 Morris model ? Reg no. ? 1947 Van T. Holt Image needed LHB


Not seen
W81 Atkinson model ? Reg no. ? 1970 type ? J.A. Sleight collection Image needed LHB


Not seen
W82 Thornycroft model ? Reg no. ? 1944 type ? J.A. Sleight collection Image needed LHB


Not seen
W83 (late entry) Albion Albion Chieftain NUC 153 1952 Flatbed owner ? Albion Chieftain - NUC 153 - 'Gunadoo Joinery' at Riverside 09 - IMG 7365 'Gunadoo'
W84 (Late entry) Scammell model ? NGF 875+ year ? type ? owner ? to add 150px
W85 (Late entry) Make model ? Reg no. ? year ? type ? owner ? Image needed LHB


Not seen
W86 Morris model ? FTS 152+ year ? type ? owner ? to add 150px
W87 (late entry) Make model ? Reg no. ? year ? type ? owner ? Image needed LHB


Not seen
W88 (late entry) Make model ? Reg no. ? year ? type ? owner ? Image needed LHB


Not seen
W89 (Late entry) Guy Motors Guy Otter UHN 795 year ? type ? owner ? to add 150px
W90 Volvo Volvo F12 K725 SRT year ? tractor unit- Customised owned by Chris ? Volvo F12 - K725 SRT at Riverside 09 - IMG 7387 Extra not in guide
no number visible Atkinson model ? PTD 190G+ year ? Tractor unit Alan Atkinson ? Atkinson ? - PTD 190G at Riverside 09 - IMG 7472 End of line up
no number Make model ? Reg no. ? year ? type ? owner ? Image needed LHB


Not seen


List to follow


To be added


Section not photographed, - please add your photos from the event

Stationary enginesEdit

A few exhibits were photographed & will be added later.

Most exhibits had little info say what they were as usual.


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