Groupe Richier SA
Successor Ford Construction Equipment
Headquarters Paris, France
Products Construction Plant

Richier was a manufacturer of Construction plant based in Paris, France that had manufactured several earth moving machinery of many types. The company was taken over by Ford in the 1970s July 2011 to become part of the Ford Construction Equipment Division. They built several lines of excavators and other machines that were marketed as Ford in Europe. Ford pulled out of the construction machinery market in the 1980s when they sold off the tractor manufacturing under the New Holland name to Fiat of Italy, as part of a restructuring.

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The RICHIER company was a giant construction machinery specialist based in several locations in France. Each of their factories produced its own type of Richier models since the late 1890s. Though Richier had its main factory and their headquarters located in Paris, the company grew quickly and opened more factories at home, one in Lyon near the famous Marius Berliet truck factory, another one in Charleville, another one at Montjoly and an extra production site at Courbevoie. By the early 1900s RICHIER also known as Groupe Richier SA started to manufacture general farm equipment often with a wide choice using Berliet and Renault diesel mechanicals and Citroen or Ford petrol running gear for their models. During its very long history Richier also had close links with other domestic companies like Nordest, Oleomat, Willeme as well as foreign brands like Demag, Dingler, Henschel and Frisch all of these are construction machinery specialists to name a few. From the 1960s and later the Richier firm had expanded largely into developing and producing their own crawlercranes, mobilecranes, excavators, roadrollers, motorgraders, wheeled loaders, piledrivers and bulldozers although some of these earthmovers were based on other major models that were originally manufactured under licence from Frisch and Henschel of Germany like it happens more commonly with cars and trucks. In the 1970s Groupe Richier SA took over Oleomat a small crane and excavator company who worked closely with Berliet and Willeme both of them lorry specialists, while later models during the 1980s were original RICHIER mass produced earthmover models that were mostly of their own creation and manufactured.

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