Reekie was (is ?) a Scottish agricultural machinery dealer and Engineering company. The company were a Ferguson agent for Scotland in the 1950's.


Reekie-Ferguson narrow tractor at Llandudno 08 - P5050140

A rare restored example at Llandudno Transport Festival 2008

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The Reekie-Ferguson orchard tractorEdit

The company are noted for building the Reeki-Ferguson conversion of the Ferguson TE20 in the 1950's, which was a special narrrow version built for a local fruit growers use in his orchards in the central Scottish area. After building one several other growers ordered them and a fair number were sold. But Mr. Ferguson found out about the conversion and as he would not approve it, so as Reekie was the Main dealer for Ferguson in Scotland, they did not want to loose the franchise so agreed to stop building them. Massey Ferguson later built a narrow version in France sold as the Massey-Ferguson 35 - vineyard, but with the manufactures plate number of MF 835.

Reekie machineryEdit

The Reekie company has built various models of farm machinery.

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