Red Rhino inflatable 'mascot' at LAMMA 10 - IMG 7676

Giant inflatable "Red Rhino" on the company stand

Red Rhino small crusher

A small Red Rhino crusher on demonstration at the SED show in 2008

Red Rhino is brand of small Crusher sold in the UK for small builders, hire co's and small recycling operators. The company is now a subsidiary of Winfield Engineering Ltd. The original Red Rhino Crushers Ltd went into administration in October 2008 & Winfield Engineering Ltd. took over the restructured company in February 2009


Red Rhino 2000 crusher - Lamma 10 - IMG 7677

The 2000 multiform with conveyor discharge unit

Red Rhino 3000 multiform 3-point - IMG 7678

The 300 multiform with 3-point linkage mounting

Red Rhino 4000 tracked - IMG 7679

The 4000 tracked unit

Red Rhino 5000 tracked unit - IMG 7680

The HD 5000 tracked unit

The company builds several models initially all based on a tracked base unit to allow easy manoeuvring on site, but they latter added a rear linkage mounted model for use by farmers & contractors mounted on a 100hp class tractor.

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  • SED show visit
  • Company web site & Brochures

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