Rear loader attchment DSC01731

A rear Loader attachment of Unknown make (at a sale)

The Rear Loader attachment was a handy device designed for occasional use, as an alternative to the front loader. Often used by stock farmers for cleaning (mucking out) stock sheds, when fitted with a fork. Also for moving bales and the occasional light digging jobs with a bucket. The device was of limited capacity but suited small tractors, as the weight was on the back axle and not as with front loaders overloading the front axle/tyres.


The attchment is mounted on the Three-point linkage and connected to a hydraulic service, to operate the single acting Hydraulic ram. The operator then lifting the arm via the control lever. The arm returning to the ground by releasing the hydraulic oil pressure in the system by moving the control valve to float position, and allow the oil to flow back to the hydraulic reservoir.


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