Raygo Wagner was the brand name used by the Raygo Corporation of Minnesota, USA following the purchase of part of the Wagner tractor building operations from the FWD Corporation in 1965.

Then at the end 1968 John Deere signed a deal to buy the entire Wagner tractor production and badge them as John Deere. This was to fill a gap in the top of there model range till a new series of high hp models under development was ready.[1]

The models were badged as

Sales were disappointing with only 23 JD WA-14's and 28 JD WA-17's built.

Raygo Wagner later went on to build container stacker forklift trucks such as the Model CH70 that can stack containers 3 high.[2]

Model rangeEdit

Wheel Loader Tractors
  • CHD-17 Wheel Tractors
  • CHD-17S Wheel Tractors
  • CHD-24S Wheel Tractors
  • CHD-24 Wheel Tractors
  • CHD-30 Wheel Tractors
  • CD-1200 Wheel Tractors
  • CD-500 Wheel Tractors
  • CD-800 Wheel Tractors
  • CHD-30 Wheel Tractors
Log stackers

L-100, L-120, L-130 Log Stackers L-4120 Log Stackers L-480 Log Stackers L-490 Log Stackers L-80 Log Stackers L-90 Log Stackers L-70 Log Stackers LHR-45 Log Stackers L-130B Log Stackers L-130H Log Stackers L-4120 Log Stackers L-470 Log Stackers

Port Packers (stackers)

CH-70, MH-80 Port Packers PC-90 Port Packers PC-80 Port Packers PC-9082 Port Packers

Steel workers ?

STRAD 80 Steel Workers SW-80 Steel Workers SW-90 Steel Workers SW-600 Steel Workers

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