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Ramsomes were a manufacture of a range of market garden tractors of a crawler design.

The MG 2 was introduced in 1936 for market gardeners, as a mechanical horse, to pull compact garden ploughs and cultivators. with over 15,000 built between 1936 and 1965 of mainly the MG5 model. Other implements such as mounted Ploughs, Rotavators and bulldozer blades have been built, to compliment the tractors. The tractor used ruber jointed tracks built designed by Roadless Traction Ltd., as did the early Bristol crawler tractors which was introduced in 1932. The mg2 whas purchased by chris stout in derbyshire aged 17 and this was its first outing. It is still in preservation along with a single furrow plough and wil be as ashover show and sheffield stesm rally in 2012.

Model range

Ransomes MG 2 tractor at Cromford steam fair 2008

Ransomes MG5 tractor at Cromford steam fair 2008

A Ransomes MG40 tractor fitted with bonnet and a single furrow plough seen at GDSF 2008

  • MG 2 1936-48 - 3202 built
  • MG 5 1948-53 - 5152 built
  • MG 6 1953- ? - 4800 built
  • MG 40 ? - 1965 - 2169 built
  • MG ITC - Industrial version of MG6 with driving position reversed. Some fitted with dumper bodies for water board.
  • Ransomes ITW - industrial version of MG 6 with rubber tyred wheels in place of tracks. only 3 are believed to still exist.

Preserved Machines

Ransomes MG 5/6 Fitted with a bulldozer blade at the National Tractor Show 2008

Un restored Ransomes MG with trailed plough

There are often examples of these strange machines at shows, as the are compact and easily transportable in a small van or trailer. Examples are pictured on here.

  • Please add details of any known examples to list below. (Include serial nos if possible)
  • Eight Ransomes MG tractors were on display at the 2008 National Tractor Show at Peterborough in November.

Ransomes MG Register

  • The register is run by Anthony Brennan. ( [1]
  • Ransomes MG5 serial no 4411 fitted with mechanical bulldozer blade. Peter McGuire Te Anau New Zealand

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