Theshing demonstration at the Essex Country Show 2009

Ransomes were a noted builder of Threshing machines. The company of Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies based in Ipswich built the from 18 ? through to the 1960s.


The Ransomes company were one of the best known manufacturers of Threshing machines in the UK and a noted builder of Agricultural machinery such as Steam engines used to drive them.

The building of threshing machines continued till the 1960s for some markets but by then in the UK the Combine harvester had taken over.

Ransomes started building this new technology of the Combine harvester after WWII when the marketed a trailed combine design from Bolinder-Munktell of Sweden which they built under licence, known as the Ransomes MST Combine. They then built several models of Ransomes own design of self propelled combine till the 1970s.

Model range


A Number of examples survive in various farming museums and private collections. Several have been restored to full working order and are demonstrated at Steam fairs and Working Weekends during the summer. Examples in poor condition can be occasionally bought a farm dispersal sales for a few pounds. Many have just been burned over the last 30 years as they turned into rotten wrecks if no stored under cover in a dry barn or shed.

Known examples

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Scale models

A clear sided scale model of a Ransomes threshing machine built for demonstration purposes

Several scale models of working threshers have been built in the last few years to go with model steam engines. These are quite complex machine to model and involve a lot of joinery work. Examples can fetch several thousand pounds when sold.[1]


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