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Ransomes MG tractor
Ransomes MG 2 no 141 at Stoke Goldington 09 - IMG 9722.jpg
A Ramsomes MG 2 with Toolbar and cultivator at Stoke Goldington Steam Rally 2009
Model history
Model introduced 1936
Model discontinued 1965
Model status Discontinued
Power hp Unknown
Cooling system Water
Transmission Details
Transmission type Unknown
Drive 2WD
Linkage Category Unknown
Other info
Factories Ipswich, England
Plow rating Unknown
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The Ransomes MG tractor or Ransomes Motor Garden Cultivator was built by Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies of Ipswich, England from 1936 till 1965. Several variants and specialist models were built during the 30 year production run. The tractors main feature was the compact size (designed for market gardens & Orchards) and the Roadless Track system used in place of wheels. About 15,000 were built in total.[1]

Model range

MG 2 - 1936-48

  • Serial numbers 101 to 3202 = 3102 MG 2's built.[2]

The MG 2 was built from 1936 to 1948, and was fitted with a 600 cc air-cooled 6 hp single cylinder Sturmey Archer 'T' engine and a forward reverse single speed gear box and Roadless Track system (rubber jointed) tracks. the engine was a dry sump design. Drive was by a 4:1 reduction box and a centrifugal clutch. Brakes werr of the band type on the drive shafts. The tractor cost £135 in 1936 with the PTO at £1 10s extra. A number were sold to French vineyards, and around 3,000 MG 2's were built between 1936& 48 when the MG 5 replaced it.

A MG 2 tractor with Roadless Tracks at the Astwood Bank Vintage Gathering in 2008

MG 5 - 1948-53

  • Serial numbers 3501 to 8652 = 5152 MG 5's built

The MG 5 was an updated version with a Fuel tank moved to under the seat, and a cowel over the engine. An optional hydraulic linkage was available from R.J. Nevile

An MG tractor with trailed implement

MG 6 - 1953-60

  • Serial numbers 9001 to 13,800 = 4800 MG 6's built

The MG 6 was launched at the 1953 Smithfield Show. The new MG 6 was basically the MG 5 with a 3 speed gear box and a choice of an 8 hp Drayton two-stroke engine in place of the Ransomes unit offered from 1956 on.

MG with Dozer blade

MG 40 - 1960-65

  • Serial numbers 13,801 to 15,218 = 1,417 MG 40's built

MG 40 with Single furrow plough and a rare fibreglass bonnet

MG ITW Industrial wheeled

The ITW was based on the MG 6 model and was fitted with rubber tired wheels for use in factories and places were the tracks would damage the surface.

Few examples of this model exist as it was made in very low numbers originally.

MG ITC Industrial Crawler (Tracked carrier )

The ITC included a version with a reversed driving position and a dumper body mounted on the rear. A few were used in water works for filter bed maintenance.

WR4 & WR 8 (Whitlock built)

When Ransomes dropped the MG ITW & MG ITC a few models were built under licence by Whitlock Bros. of Great Yeldham, Essex, England. These were Loaders and Dumper variants.

One Crane version is in existence (see small adds in Classic Plant & Machinery Magazine) Do any more survive ?


A 1940 Ransomes MG 2 sn 663 at Astwood Bank Vintage Gathering 2009

The machines are popular as they are compact and can be used for useful work and at ploughing matches & demonstrations. They are easily transported in a van or on a small trailer with a car.

The recording of the examples in preservation is tricky as few have serial number plates that are legible or even surviving. Show catalogue details are often basic so it is hard to record accurately the different examples in preservation (with entries at most shows often failing to display an exhibit number / Info card).

Please add any known examples to the list if a serial number is known or a photo is provided with the event and owner info/catalogue no.

Known examples

  • Ransomes MG2 sn 151 of 1936 - at Kettering Rally 2008 - E. Roberts
  • Ransomes MG2 sn 309 of 1938 ? - Photo & video below
  • Ransomes MG2 sn 392 of 1938/9? - Owned by David & Wendy Rance of N. Devon.
  • Ransomes MG2 sn 663 of 1940 - at Astwood Bank Vintage Gathering 2009 (winner of a 1st prize)
  • Ransomes MG2 sn 897 of 1941 - Owned by Rhys Boni from Jedburgh Scotland.
  • Ransomes MG2 sn 1427 of 1942 - at Netley Marsh Steam Show 2011 - C. Phillips, Dorset
  • Ransomes MG5 sn 3219 of 1949 - at Kettering Vintage Rally 2008 - Dan Ryan ?
  • Ransomes MG5 sn 3975 of 1949 - Owned by John & Jessica Evans. From Oxfordshire 2011
  • Ransomes MG5 sn 4318 of 1949 - at Netley Marsh Steam Show 2011 - G. Curtis, Southampton
  • Ransomes MG5 sn 4411 - Owned by Peter Mcguire of TeAnau New Zealand.
  • Ransomes MG5 sn 5705 of 1951 - Owned by Rhys Boni from Jedburgh Scotland.
  • Ransomes MG5 sn 6556 of Year ? Owned by Preben Nissen Denmark (
  • Ransomes MG5 sn 7559 of 1950/1 - Owend by Peder Lofthus from Norway
  • Ransomes MG5 sn 8462 of 1953 - Owned by Ray Foot, Waitati, New Zealand. (fitted with hydraulic ram)
  • Ransomes MG6 sn 9676 of 1954 - Owned by Ray Foot, Waitati, New Zealand. (fitted with blade)
  • Ransomes MG6 sn 11021 - ITC dumper - D Armstrong in Ireland.[3]
  • Ransomes MG6 sn 11135 - at Much Marcle Steam Rally 2014
  • Ransomes MG6 sn 11331 - at Newark clubs display 2009
  • Ransomes MG40 sn 14646 - Owned by R. Stephens, ? - (827) at Cumbria Steam Gathering/2009
  • Ransomes MG40 sn 15132 - Owned by Murray Hardinge, Victoria Australia.
  • Ransomes MG40 sn 15218 - Once owned by Glenn Roberts NSW Australia.
Several other have been seen at UK events but have no serial number evident so will just be listed in the relevant events page, unless an owner can be linked to machine.
List of Preserved Ransomes MG tractors (All models)
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Make + Model No. Reg No.
(if known)
Serial No. Build-Date Engine-Type/Make Owner
(if known)
Photo Were seen/Featured in Other info
Ransomes MG40 - Ransomes MG40 sn 14646 date built engine owner ? Ransomes MG40 sn 14646 at cumbria 09 - IMG 0751.jpg seen at misc info
Ransomes MG40 - no. 15110 built ? engine ? Keith Hampson 100px

seen at misc info
Ransomes MG40 reg no Ransomes MG40 sn 15132 date built engine Murray Harding, Australia 100px

seen at misc info
Ransomes MG6 reg no Ransomes MG6 sn 10556 built ? engine ? owner ? Ransomes MG6 sn 10556 at Trumpshaw 2011 - IMG 0097.JPG
Ransomes MG6 sn 10556 at Trumpshaw 2011 - IMG 0099.JPG
Trumpshaw 2011

Please add any tractor with known reg or serial no. with Photo if possible.
Make & model reg no serial no date built engine owner 100px

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Create a page (link) for an individual tractor by linking the reg or serial number using reg number or serial number in the relevant column. Then once saved click the red link to start the new page and add info on that tractor.


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thumb|250px|left|Ransomes MG2 sn 309 under restoration

Ransomes MG register

The Ransomes MG register is currently being maintained by Anthony Brennan - ( Please also contribute your MG tractors details to the MG register by sending details to -

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References / sources

Various shows for the photos & show guides for misc info on examples exhibited.

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  2. Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies - A history of their products (book), by Brian Bell, Appendix 2

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