Ransomes MG2 sn 151 at Kettering 08 - IMG 2003

At Kettering Steam Rally 2008

The Ransomes MG2 sn 151 is a Ransomes MG tractor built by Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies in 1936

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  • Built 1936 as the 50th machine built (serial number 151)

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Owned by E. Roberts of Corby, Northamptonshire, England.

Mr Roberts also has a Ransomes MG5 as well as this MG2.

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Ransomes MG2 sn 151 at Rushden 2010 - IMG 9423 At Rushden Transport Cavalcade in 2010
Ransomes MG2 sn 151 Serial Number plate - IMG 9424 Brass Serial number plate (most MG tractors are missing a serial number or the plate is unreadble as most were fixed to the rear 7 rotted off.
Trusty Steed - YJB 406 and Ransomes MG2 sn 151 at Rushden 2010 - IMG 9427 Parked along side the owners Trusty Steed YJB 406 at Rushden shows the compact size of these crawler tractors
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