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RB Cranes is the successor company to Ruston-Bucyrus, RB International and RB Lincoln plc. RB Cranes was created in 200? following the demise of RB Lincoln plc.

When it comes to mobility and reliability, the name Ruston Bucyrus is nothing short of legendary. Rustons constructed their first excavator in 1874 and the name Ruston-Bucyrus was formed in 1931 when the excavating interests of Ruston & Hornsby, of England were allied to those of Bucyrus-Erie, of the USA who produced their first machine in 1881!

Since 1931, RB has built over 40,000 of their crawler based cranes and excavators. With brief period of building Hydraulic excavators and combination machines based on the former Priestman VC range if models. RB Cranes, as they are known today, were a subsidiary of Langley Holdings plc who also own other world famous crane brands Stothert & Pitt and Butterley Engineering. RB offered a range of advanced hydraulic machines to meet today’s markets need for high capacity and performance.[1]

RB Cranes was sold in 2009 to Delden-CSE who continue to offer service and spare parts availability to virtually every machine ever built by RB/Ruston Bucyrus, Bucyrus Erie, Preistman and other makes.[2][3]


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Specialists in supplying replacement parts and servicing for all makes of crawler cranes.[4] Delden-CSE also offer used Cranes for sale and hire.

Model range

  • CH40
  • CH50-40
  • CH50 series (CH50 D, CH50 E, CH50 HD, CH50 HDP, CH50 BSP, CH50 XHD models)
  • CH65
  • CH70
  • CH100
  • CH135, CH135-LJ,


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