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Headquarters , Norway
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Parent Alo

A David Brown 990 with a Quicke Loader fitted

Quicke is a manufacturer of demountable tractor front loaders owned by Alo of Sweden. They are the original inventor of the 'Quick attach' demountable loader in 1958.[1]

Tractor front loaders

These loaders are a popular addition to tractors from 50hp to 200hp. It's current 'drive-in' form was originally designed and developed in 1958 by the Quicke company. They were developed to perform a multitude of farming tasks, using interchangable attachments, and are popular due to their relatively low cost (compared to Telehandler) and high versatility. Modern tractor loaders can be fitted with many attachments in addition to the standard buckets such as hydraulic grabs and spikes to assist with bale and silage handling, forks for pallet work, and other specialist tools for farm activities.

The ability to remove and fit the loader quickly by use of a standardised mounting and Custom brackets for each tractor, allows the removal when not required and the sharing between machines. The other benefit is the cost of changing the base tractor is reduced as just a new set of mounting brackets are needed to fit to a new tractors and swap the controls over and plug in the hydraulic lines.

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