Henan Qianli Machinery Co., Ltd (Qian Liniu)
Founded 2003
Headquarters Weishi, Henan, China
Products agriculture machinery tractor, walking tractor, diesel engine, implements

Qian Liniu is the brand of tractors and walking tractors manufactured and exported by Henan Qianli Machinery Co., Ltd. Some of the models seem to be sourced from other companies, such as Foton Lovol and Jinma, or they may just be borrowed designs. They are said to be the largest walking tractor manufacturer in China, with 200,000 walking tractors built annually. They also build 100,000 single-cylinder diesel engines each year.[1] The company is located in Weishi, Henan, China.

In 2005, Qianli invested in a new production line to produce agricultural tractors in the 30-90 horsepower range, with production slated at 10,000 tractors per year.[2]



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