Founded 1926
Founder(s) Santiago Puzzi
Defunct 197X
Headquarters Santa Fe, Argentina
Products agriculture machinery

The following words are for Santiago Puzzi: "In 1922 I started flying with passengers to patron saint parties, I used baptism flights, this served me as personal propaganda, since I used to repair cars and steam threshers." While I was repairing a threshing machine, I had the idea of ​​creating a short and drag threshing, as I had no place to draw, I drew the number one in natural size on the wall of a house: as the place was very small when I got to the folder of the chassis I had to cut a corner of the wall to pass the Chassis iron and in this way I gave the desired curves.This first creation was sold to Mr. Tomás and Ángel Pairetti from the town of Clucellas, then I continued with the manufacture that I then sold throughout the length and breadth of our country". Clucellas, very close to San Vicente, was the town where in 1917 Don Santiago Puzzi (a mechanic who opened a threshing repair shop) and his associates produced the famous Puzzi, brand and team with a lot of personality.

First combine harvester and industrial growthEdit

So in 1926 he manufactured his first combine harvester. In 1929, he moved to Frontera (bordering San Francisco). The contribution of labor mostly came from San Francisco, the advances of the harvester factory made with the passing of time that was transforming into a neighborhood with numerous houses for workers, schools, police, airfield, golf course, tennis; the factory came to have an area of ​​9000 meters covered. Don Santiago was a precursor of aeronautics, at the "Vicente Puzzi" aerodrome. Next to the factory the aeroclub was founded, with Don Santiago among its founders. In 1941 Santiago Puzzi manufactured the first harvester with caterpillars for rice. In 1958, the company was incorporated in "Santiago Puzzi S.A.", being the same the president of the company. He was in front because it gave him a guarantee reason. The number of employees averaged 120 per year. It had points of sale in La Dulce, Laborde, Laboulaye, Bahía Blanca, Tres Arroyos, Entre Rios and Monte Buey.

In 1965, the "THIRD RETURN OF SAN ANTONIO DE ARECO - HARVESTING PRIX 'S. PUZZI'" was organized, obviously sponsored by Puzzi.

After the disappearance of the company, Careglio SRL (supermarket chain in the area) rented a warehouse of 5 thousand square meters in Frontera that in the decades of 50' and 60' occupied the recognized former factory of Santiago Puzzi y Cía.

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