Predecessor -
Founded 198X
Founder(s) Zubeldía family
Headquarters Carlos Casares, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Products agriculture machinery

The Zubeldía family, 110 years ago went ahead of many to settle in the area that saw become what is today Carlos Casares, Argentine Sunflower Cradle, and area of ​​great exploitation of corn, wheat and soybeans, above all things. For 30 years a new stage has emerged in the task of anticipating the times; and that is how, from the decision of Abel L. Zubeldía they are designed, manufactured and marketed under the Pulqui brand, the first agricultural sprayers for trawling. Our industrial activity is backed by the thousands of Pulqui teams that are working throughout the country and abroad, simultaneously winning friendship and respect for our commercial conduct endorsed by an extensive list of domestic and foreign suppliers who have entrusted their products to our company.

This work and trajectory has allowed us a fruitful and stable participation in several national and international fairs and exhibitions, as well as permanent teamwork with institutions of INTA's prestige. As well as more than a century ago we went ahead of many and put the base in these lands to stay, hard last 30 years we have had as a mission, to provide the agricultural producer, products and services of the highest quality, quality that never had so much importance as in these times, in which agriculture adopts and adapts to new technologies, which provide: more economic benefits, benefits to the environment, safety to the operator and high precision applications.


Pulqui sprayer model
Model Year(s) Produced Horsepower Engine Type Misc Notes Photo
Pulqui GEO 5036 Deutz GEO 5036 2.7 in Pesados Argentinos
Pulqui Alfa 3230 Deutz Alfa 3230 in Pesados Argentinos
Pulqui Alfa 3236 Deutz Alfa 3236 in Pesados Argentinos
Pulqui Alfa 3241 Deutz Alfa 3241 in Pesados Argentinos

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