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The Prince Miler is a medium sized pickup truck built by the Prince Motor Company. It remained on the market even after the 1966 merger of Nissan Motor Manufacturing Industry and Prince Automotive for four years. By 1970, however, it was integrated with Nissan's newest generation of their offering in this class, the Junior.

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1962 Prince Lite Miler

In September 1957 Prince, the automotive branch of Fuji Precision Industries, introduced the Miler (ARTH) as a successor to the 1952 Prince Truck AFTF.

On May 4 1958 the 'New Miler' (ARTH-1) was released. With the new GA30 engine, load capacity increased to 1,750 kg.

1960 ARTH-2-release. 1962 1862cc of GB to SUPER MILER engine of 2.0-ton shipment (BRTH-2 type), 1484cc engine of GA4-1.25 release of the product t Light Miler. June 1962 eight MAJOR CHANGE and T430-series. Model T431-SUPER MILER is, the type and LIGHT MILER T430. Appearance is typical headlight layout with four headlights light formula.

1965 July-T440's system. The independent double-wishbone suspension. The front suspension, and 2.0 in the truck: t is the first in Japan and is set to 5-speed manuak transmission, chassis, engine performance, there will be distinguished in the same class. Engine is mounted, inline four-cylinder OHV 1862cc of G2 and the type of G1-1484cc. The type payload is 2.0 tons SUPER MILER T441, T440 LIGHT MILER type is 1.25 tons.

MILER 1967 year-T447 / LIGHT MILER T446L-release. The merger with Nissan, the car, "Nissan Prince MILER / LIGHT MILER. Nissan is made all the changes to the powertrain, which is so common and junior. Direct OHV engine and 4-H20, 4 OHV 1595cc straight to the R-type, and full mission synchronous transformer there, and other 4-speed MT and continued down the grade to be PRINCE lost.

In 1970 Miler production ended, as it was merged with the Nissan Junior 140 series.