Burrell engine The Scout and the trailer bus at Duncombe Park Steam Rally 2009

Prestons of Potto (Richard Preston & Son Ltd) are a old established haulage contractor based in the village of Potto in North Yorkshire. The company is best known for hauling Steel from the Teesside steelworks on extending trailers and the fleet of Yellow Curtain sided trailers. The Preston family are well known in the steam preservation world with a collection of several engines and fairground organs.

History[edit | edit source]

Prestons of Potto was founded in 1936 as an agricultural contracting business by Richard Preston Snr, using steam engines for threshing and wood-sawing duties in the area around Potto.

The transport side was started during the Suez Crisis in 1957 when a local brick manufacturer, who was running very short of diesel for his fleet of lorries asked Richard Preston if he would haul their bricks to keep the contracts supplied. Richard Preston bought two 10 ton trailers and used his Burrell engine, Lightning II to haul 20 tons of bricks from Darlington to Ampleforth for four months.

Reaslising there was money in haulage he bought a lorry and latter gained contracts to move steel from the local steelworks on the Cleveland coast. The company has a specialist fleet of extending trailers for moving oversize steel beams by road. They can move beams and any long loads 60 m plus and 100 tons They have a fleet of self steering trailers and 150 ton tractors largest of witch is truck named Isambard Kingdom Brunel a 9 axle DAF Nooteboom outfit

Operations today include;

  • Extending flatbeds for steel haulage
  • Curtain side bulk and pallet loads
  • Storage and distribution
  • Heavy haulage

Transport fleet[edit | edit source]

A few of the Prestons fleet are listed below;

Modern fleet
reg no. Model no. Type Photo Seen at / misc info
V852 DHN+ Volvo FH12 Tractor unit Volvo FH12 - V852 DHN of Prestons of Potto at DP 09 - IMG 8031.jpg Duncombe Park Steam Rally 2009
NJ08 OCH+ Scania R 480 tractor unit Scania R 480 - NJ08 OCH of Prestons of Potto at DP 09 - IMG 8029.jpg Duncombe Park Steam Rally 2009

Steam and Organ collection[edit | edit source]

Steam collection
Engine no. Name reg no. Built type Photo notes/ seen at
Burrell no. 3618 The Scout TD 4276 1914 TE To add Duncombe Park 2009
Burrell no. 3526 Lighting II AO 6302 1913 Showmans 100px Tractor & Construction Plant Wiki:Requested images On traction talk

Models[edit | edit source]

Prestons vehicles have been modeled by Corgi for their transport fleet models in the Hauliers of Renown series and the Vintage Glory of Steam series of collectors models and other manufacturers.

Models of Prestons vehicles include

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