Powerfab 125 excavator - IMG 7208

A Tidy Powerfab model 125 parked up.

Powerfab instruction plate - IMG 7210

Typical Instruction plate

Powerfab was a brand of Welsh manufactured compact excavators built in the 1980s, before the Japanese Mini excavator boom took off. They were basically a small back actor (Backhoe) on a set of wheels for towing with outriggers for working off. They were powered by a small Honda or Briggs & Stratton type engine. They were manoeuvred by pulling or pushing with the bucket. The operator sat on top of the power pack. They could be towed behind a car with a drawbar attachment. Latter models were tracked machines like the Japanese Micro excavators. Powerfab company folded in the early 1990s.


The Powerfab company was based in Ashvale, Tredegar Gwent in Wales. in the 1980s.

New PowerfabEdit

New Powerfab excavator - SED 09 - IMG 8359

A New Powerfab on display at SED 2009

The Powerfab brand has been re launched in 2009 with a new version following the previous design concept. The excavator was on show ad the Site Equipment Display (SED) show in May 2009.

Former Model rangeEdit

Powerfab 125WT at Chipping 2015 - IMG 1173

Restored Powerfab 125WT excavator at the Chipping Steam Fair 2015

New Powerfab RangeEdit

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