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A Blackstone Potato spinner (Digger)

A Ferguson potato spinner. note the bag to stop then spreading too far and form a neat row of the excavated crop

A Potato spinner is an Agricultural machine designed to lift (dig) potatoes out of the ground.


The early spinners were horse drawn, and were powered by a land drive wheel connected by a gear box to the spinner mechanism. These machines were often adapted to be pulled by a tractor Drawbar when farms obtained a tractor.

Later versions were PTO driven and were mounted on the Three-point Linkage.

The biggest 'problem was the potatoes had to be picked up by hand from the floor but it was avast improvement from digging them out with a fork by hand. In some areas the children had time off school to harvest the potato crop in the autumn.

Later machines dug the potatoes up and lifted them to sorting table and them to a bagging chute to allow the removal of bad ones, so as not to turn them bad in the store


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